Wealthy Affiliate Review – 7 Legitimate Reasons to Join WA

By John Cruz

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If you are looking for a legit wealthy affiliate review, this is it.

I have been a member of WA since 2010, so I guess you can say I have a great deal of experience with the site.

I can tell you what it was like then and I can tell you what they are about now.

There are many misconceptions about Wealthy Affiliate and that’s typically what you get with anything that deals with money.

Some love the site and some talk badly about it, and that’s just how it is.

Nothing is perfect and not everyone will be happy.

With all that back-and-forth nonsense, I thought I’d do a real and honest Wealthy Affiliate review.

Not just from a member, but one that has had success and has been utilizing the same business model for the past 7+ years.

Outside of that, I know many questions come with any money-making opportunity, and the answers can be very confusing at times.

Is Wealthy Affiliate legit or just another recruiting-based Ponzi scam?

Can you make money utilizing the training inside of Wealthy Affiliate?

Is Wealthy Affiliate another pay-to-play scam?

We shall see.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Product Overview

Wealthy Affiliate $49


Wealthy Affiliate is a unique platform that teaches you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. They have the tools, training, and support that you need to create an affiliate marketing business and they are very affordable.



  • Has many tools for affiliate marketing
  • Very affordable
  • Offers a free membership
  • Provides website services
  • Thousands of members
  • Offers an in-house affiliate program
  • Live chat
  • Lots of classes
  • Is updating its content


  • Has some outdated content
  • Can be overwhelming
  • Not for everyone

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate review

The best way to describe Wealthy Affiliate is that it is a platform with the education, tools, and support that will help you run and maintain an affiliate marketing business.

It might sound like French to some of you but there is a thorough walkthrough within the free membership, that will guide you on what affiliate marketing is all about.

I did a complete post on how to make money with affiliate marketing that you can check out, but in a nutshell, it is nothing more than selling other people’s products/services online, with the goal and intention of earning a commission.

That in turn, puts money in your pocket and can lead you to work from home like myself and others are doing.

However, there are several things that you must know, before joining Wealthy Affiliate and taking on something like affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone, and that’s just like every other job, career, and business out there.

Now, if you’re willing to put in the work and are patient enough, the chances of you making some money and possibly a very rewarding career are that much better.

I have personally joined, used the training, and made money for the first time using what they teach, along with their support.

My results can’t speak for all, but I do believe that if you follow what is being taught (without quitting), you, too, can see the same results, if not more.

So, if you think this is a scam or some Ponzi scheme, let me give one of the few honest Wealthy Affiliate reviews of the same company that changed my life.

My Wealthy Affiliate Experience

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in 2010, I didn’t get a free WA trial as they offer now, and I paid the price that at the time I think was $39 or something like that.

It’s been over a decade, so cut me some slack if I didn’t get that part right.

After going through some of the training and talking to some of it’s members, I made an attempt to put in the work needed.

Stubborn me, though, I ventured off into Ponzi-land.

Having the work smarter, not harder mentality, I decided to give in to all the crazy scams that came my way.

I literally dumped thousands of dollars into other people’s bank accounts, thinking that I would make at least what I invested back.

Of course, that didn’t happen.

I inherited an empty bank account, an angry baby mama, and nothing but hope and determination left to my name.

After falling about $10k into debt, I finally decided to go back to the same program I landed on in the first place.

Wealthy Affiliate.

It was now 2014, and it only took me four years to realize that I was doing nothing but chasing dreams.

It was then that I met one of my now great friends Scotty.

He told me how much he was making, and it was then that I realized I had to get in the trenches and put in some work.

I finally sat down, went over the training, and took some action.

Within a few months, I finally made my first sale online.

One whole, fricken dollar.


My other half still thought I was crazy (because it was only $1) but all that taught me was that Wealthy Affiliate actually works.

From there, I grew my business, made more of those dollars, and never looked back.

My 11 – Year Anniversary


I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over a decade, but that’s nothing to brag about.

Especially with the four years, I wasted trying to find an easy way out.

Mind you, I was paying for my monthly membership every single month without a single ROI.

I know it’s crazy, but that’s how stupid I was.

My online career really got started in 2014 when I decided to put in the work and apply what I learned inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Since then, I have been working from home and supporting my family with the income generated from the internet.

Not once did I ever think that I would start a home-based business, let alone make a full-time income online.

Fast forward to today, and I’m still living the life most can only dream of.

These have been incredible years that still came with their ups and downs that allowed me to be home with my family.

We went from living with my mom to a tiny little apartment to a beautiful house, with a big yard, to finally landing in a condo with a nice little ocean view.

It’s simple but has everything we need and a lot more.

And yes, it all started at Wealthy Affiliate.

My Accomplishments


I’m not a fan of bragging or even asking someone how much money they make.

It’s just wrong and very unnecessary.

However, some people (if not all) need some kind of proof before they can trust a person.

Instead of showing or bragging about what my bank accounts look like, let me talk about some of my accomplishments that aren’t money-related.

And of course, these were all possible because of the training and support inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

For one, I’ve built websites that generated income in just a couple of months.

And, I was able to do it in many different niches.

I’ve made money from a men’s backpack site, a biking site, a parenting site, and even financial-based websites, just like the one you are on now.

As I mentioned earlier, I use the affiliate marketing business model that they teach inside Wealthy Affiliate.

With that said, I, of course, promote the same company that taught me what I know (Wealthy Affiliate) and make money with their affiliate program.

With such promotions, I make a commission from anyone who joins using my affiliate link.

Again, I don’t say this to brag, but rather to show what is possible with something as simple as affiliate marketing.

Now, let me show you the 10 best reasons why I think you should join Wealthy Affiliate.

1. 100% FREE Membership

Most training programs that teach you how to make money online come with a price.

Some claim to be free, until you signup, and then, bam!

Cough up some dough or you can’t proceed.

That’s one of the more irritating things when it comes to trying to find a legit way to make money on the internet.

I’ve gone through that process and I’m sure some of you have as well.

With Wealthy Affiliate, it’s free and that’s it.

Not to say that you shouldn’t upgrade (because I think you need to) but at the very least, you get to see exactly what is inside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Again, no other sites offer such a deal, so you should at least take them up on their free membership so you can see what everything is about.

2. FREE Websites

I know, I know, the word free is not very common on the internet when it comes to making money but once again, Wealthy Affiliate offers such a thing.

This time, they have websites that you are able to have and it does come with your free membership.

It’s just a starter site but you can start building your online business, all while learning how it’s done.

That’s a plus in any business and it’s just one of the better perks of joining Wealthy Affiliate

3. Training is Up to Date

The training inside Wealthy Affiliate has what you need to start and run an affiliate marketing business.

It’s easy to follow, not hours long, and will not bore you to death like a lot of the other training videos I’ve dealt with in the past.

Most of the training comes in the form of a video.

But, there is an article that follows, for those that would rather read about it instead.

They do update the training regularly to adapt to the ever-changing world of the internet and how search engines operate.

The training covers everything in a way that you can complete steps as you go.

You can track your progress and skip through or go back to any lessons you might need to go over again later.

As a member, you also get access to the weekly live training, which is usually done by Jay (magistudios).

The training is live, so you get to see Jay conduct the training and have the chance to ask some questions when it’s over.

You can also have Jay go over your website in their hot-seat deal, in which he randomly picks a member’s website and shows you what changes are needed.

Now, the training is pretty self-explanatory, but that’s not what makes Wealthy Affiliate such an excellent place for online entrepreneurs.

It’s the many channels of support that come with your membership.

4. Unheard of Support

The support inside Wealthy Affiliate is great.

I say that because you can’t find the type of support inside Wealthy Affiliate anywhere else.

You get to ask questions right within the training you are on and have other members assist you, without having to wait.

You can also create a support ticket of your own if you are having any issues with your website.

There is also a live chat feature that you can use to ask any questions that need immediate answers.

As you can see from the screenshot, the owners are also on there to help its members.

Now, the best support you can get is going to be from where?

From me!

Yup, just for joining Wealthy Affiliate using my affiliate link below, you can get help from me.

I don’t have the time to help people individually as time is, of course, money.

However, with the way Wealthy Affiliate works, I’m able to help other members all within the website.

It’s great for them, it’s great for me, but most notably, it’s great for you.

So if you want my personal help and 9+ years of experience, just use the link below, and you get precisely that.

Don’t forget that it is also completely free to join if you are just curious about how everything looks on the inside.

There is no catch, and you don’t even need to enter any credit card details or any of that stuff.

5. Readily Available Tools


I would think that the training and support with Wealthy Affiliate are worth every single penny.

However, there is a lot more to get with such a fantastic platform.

On top of all I just mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to get your business up and running.

If you know nothing about websites, don’t worry, things are stupidly simple.

And if you do know about them, you will understand that many costs come with the territory.

You will need a domain, some hosting, and even a content management system like WordPress.

But guess what?

You get everything you need to start, run, and maintain a website.

You get access to site domains, site content, site feedback, and of course, site support.

So whatever you need when it comes to websites can be found and used as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you create your free WA account, you will see how valuable this is.

6. Affordable Premium Price

When it comes to making money, we all know that you need to invest.

As the saying goes, “you need to spend money to make money.”

That’s true in every aspect, but sometimes it doesn’t always have to come in the form of hundreds and thousands of dollars.

That is the same reason why I know that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best investments you will ever make in your life.

Who would ever think that you can start a business for $49?

Well, that’s the price you will pay monthly to be a Premium Wealthy Affiliate member.

I once owned a bar, and it took me thousands of dollars that yielded no profits.

I could’ve sat there and cried about it, but I made a smaller investment and finally made something happen.

All because I decided to make such a small investment.

Now, that’s a monthly fee, but it’s still a more manageable way to fund and run a business.

You do get a free membership that allows you to test-run everything, along with a nice discount on your first month, if you do decide to go premium.

7. Personal Support From ME!

We are all busy and finding personal help and support is not the easiest.

I’m busy, you’re busy, and even the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are busy.

So, finding someone you can reach out to is not going to be easy and it can be frustrating when you just need the answer to a simple question.

Well, I’m here to help.

Not that you can bother me whenever you want to but you can ask me some questions and get a response sooner than you would at any government agency.

Wealthy Affiliate has things set up to where you are able to contact and communicate with the person who got you in and it helps everyone to be very productive inside their platform.

If it wasn’t for that feature, you would probably pay the $1k that I charge for those who want some real 1-on-1 coaching from me.

That’s the price they pay just to get started with me, but if you use my affiliate link, you get it for FREE.

I don’t offer this to entice you even if it helps with my income but I love seeing others succeed with the help I offer.

So, if you want, you can use my link below and I can be your personal coach/mentor if you’d like.

If not, that’s fine too!

Before You Join

Like anything out there, Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone.

It’s like me saying that plumbing is for everyone when some of us are just not into crap.

Now, Wealthy Affiliate might not be for everyone, but it can work for any type of person.

If you like plumbing, Wealthy Affiliate can help you turn that into an online business.

If you like surfing, you can learn how to build a business around that too.

But before you go doing anything, there are several other things you must consider before you go spending money.

You Need to Commit


What Wealthy Affiliate teaches, is going to have you a real legit business.

With that business comes the understanding that you need to make some kind of commitment.

Your business is going to require you to work on it.

And it’s going to require some of your time.

The good thing to take note of is the fact that you can do this anytime you want.

Again, more reasons to love this business and what the internet allows us to do.

Oh, and if you really want to commit, you can always take them up on their yearly membership, which will save you over 50% of your monthly cost.

You can take advantage of that after you create your free WA account.

You Need to Invest

Wealthy Affiliate is one program that doesn’t ask for a huge investment when it comes to money.

It’s a no-brainer investment if you know what you’re getting involved with.

If you don’t know, of course, paying $49 is going to sound pricey.

What you also need to know is that you need to invest in your time.

Not a lot of it, but I’d say, about 2-3 hours a day if you are serious.

Too many members come in and give it their all for a couple of months.

Then, they slack for the rest of the year.

That’s not how it works, and we can always discuss things more if you do decide to create a free membership.

You Must Be Patient


We are all probably very impatient, and that’s okay.

But, when it comes to any business, you need to know that there’s a different type of patience that is required.

The kind that doesn’t have you wondering why you aren’t making money after you signed up to Wealthy Affiliate.

It might sound a bit much to some of you, but trust me, some think this is some get-rich-quick kind of thing.

It’s the complete opposite and something you need to understand before joining.

The Cons of Wealthy Affiliate

This Wealthy Affiliate review will not be complete without going over what is bad, or maybe not so impressive.

The thing about this specific program is that there isn’t going to be much to dislike.

These guys put a lot of thought and love into things.

So you can expect a lot of improvements from a company that’s been around for over a decade.

However, they are not perfect, and I want to go over some of the things that I think can be improved on.

Outdated Training

There is a lot of updated training with the core of what Wealthy Affiliate teaches, but they lack in the areas of SEO and email marketing.

They do have some training on them, but they could use a nice update and more training for that matter.

The video above is not to show you how outdated their training is but rather to show you a 13-year-old video from what I found on YouTube.

Wealthy Affiliate has come a long way.

Blind Leading the Blind


There is no doubt that the support Wealthy Affiliate offers is top-notch.

However, the site does run a ranking structure, as well as some awards.

Its members can obtain these little incentives by helping others.

These things are great and all, but it can be a problem if it isn’t used correctly.

Trying to achieve higher rankings and badges makes newer members strive to help others.

The problem is that these members usually don’t know what they are talking about, which ends up leading to poor advice or something like, “I don’t know the answer, but I’m sure someone else can help you.”

Besides that, there is a lot more to love about Wealthy Affiliate than there is to complain about.

Will Wealthy Affiliate Work?

As I mentioned earlier in this review, Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone.

I don’t mean that in regards to any type of knowledge of how the internet works but more along the lines of how badly you want it to work.

If you are willing to put in the work and you follow the training, you can bet that this will work for you.

Get rid of that get-rich-quick mentality, and you can make this work.

Go in there thinking you are going to make a thousand dollars tomorrow, and you’ll quit faster than when you started.

How Will I Make Money?


I get asked this same question quite a bit, so I figured I could address it within this review.

Wealthy Affiliate will not pay you any money unless you are promoting them.

You will be building your business around your chosen niche, and the companies with whom you become affiliated will do the paying.

So, if you were to join Amazon’s affiliate program, then Amazon will be the one to pay you.

If you joined and promoted products from Walmart or Home Depot, then their affiliate networks will most likely be the ones to pay you.

Unless they have an in-house affiliate program as Amazon does.

Earning Potential

Many factors come into play that will determine the type of money you make.

Your work ethic will be the most significant deciding factor in how much you can make.

If you decide to work a couple of hours a month, I’m sure you can see that your income will probably be little or even none.

Do the opposite, and you will see much better results.

Another factor is going to be your niche and how you monetize your website.

Some niches yield higher profits for affiliate products, while others rely more on advertising.

The earning potential for everyone is different, but the opportunity is open for everyone.

You can make anywhere from $500 – $100,000 + per month, and no, that was not a typo.

Just check out The Wire Cutter and the $150 million it made in just a couple of years.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Right For You?


I have mentioned it several times in this Wealthy Affiliate review, but I’ll repeat it.

Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone.

It’s for those who are looking to build a legit online business, with a simple website and some affiliate links.

It’s for those that are looking to generate some passive income.

It’s not for those that are looking to get paid as you would if you worked a regular old-day job.

However, some of us aren’t as patient, and some of us would want to make money a tad bit faster. If you are in that group, I would recommend something like Authority Hacker, but again, that isn’t for everyone.

Look to spend a lot more money and look to do a lot more learning.

So if you feel you are a bit more advanced, that is something you should consider.

Now, is Wealthy Affiliate the best training platform when it comes to affiliate marketing?

Absolutely not.

But for the price, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Conclusion


Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform with great training and an even greater community.

If you are looking for a legit way to make money online, this is one of the few programs that will show you how to do precisely that.

Whether you are a beginner or you’ve tried to make money online for decades, Wealthy Affiliate will help you.

I’m one of its members that have had success, so you can bet that this is something I would recommend.

I do hope that this Wealthy Affiliate review has been of some great help to you and your journey to finding something legit that can work for you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Until next time, get out there and make something happen.

Don’t forget that I’m here if you need a hand with anything, so use the link below and get personal help from me.


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