11 Legitimate Ways to Make Money on the Internet

By John Cruz

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There are many ways to make money on the internet, but of course, you will not know where to start.

All you know is that people are doing it and you want in.

That knowledge then leads to you searching something like “how to make money on the internet” and you landing on one of a kazillion websites.

You either trust it and go with what they tell you works, or you continue your search for something else.

Either free, less complicated, or safer is what usually makes your final decision.

Once all that is complete, you will consider the recommendations.

You might make some money, or you might not.

You might continue with an actual program that teaches you how to make money online, or you pay for the course and eventually stop.

There are so many things that happen from the minute you decided that you wanted to make money on the internet to the final result.

That decision is the process that happens from search to finish and one that I don’t like.

With that doubt and maybe a lack of effort on one’s part, I want to give you the absolute best ways to make money on the internet.

These aren’t some kind of network marketing gig that may or may not be around, and they’re not some G type of nonsense that you see all over the place.

These are tried and accurate methods that have been around for years.

And ones that will go for as long as the internet exists.

But first, let’s see what this all entails.

Before You Make Any Money Online

Too many people jump onto the internet, trying to get rich, and find themselves scratching their heads later.

We see someone else’s success story and all the other fancy crap that has us thinking that we are going to do the same.

None of that ever happens, and all we do is pay someone else to get richer.

It’s sad but true, and it happens a lot more than we think.

I’m not proud of it, but it’s something that I have fallen for, myself.

However, I did learn a ton of information, and that is the same reason why I’m able to show you some real, legit ways to make money online.

I have been making my living entirely on the internet for the past six years, and it’s not because I was lucky.

Just like a lot of others out there, I have had my fair share of not making any money.

Scammers have duped me into literally dumping thousands of dollars into someone’s bank account, and I’ve been a part of the Get Rich Quick train, thinking that one will eventually work.

Of course, that didn’t happen.

Now that didn’t stop me from doing what I set out to do, and I pushed through the failure and debt to finally making a living entirely online.

It’s a sigh of relief for my family and me and one that can work in your favor.

My struggles and failures will lead to your success.

So if you’re looking for a sure-shot way to make money on the internet, here they are.

1. Take Online Surveys

take online surveys

Surveys are what I recommend first as it is free and requires almost no work.

It is one of the very first ways I made money online, and it does not require any skills whatsoever.

All you need is a computer or smartphone, an internet connection, and an email address.

From there, you need to get with a survey site, answer some simple questions, and voila!

Payments usually come in the form of credits.

These credits can be converted into cash if you use PayPal or as gift cards if used by other partners.

And if you share the survey site with others, you usually can earn some money from that as well.

$5 for getting someone to signup for something free is a no-brainer.

If you want some quick cash and share the wealth, you will surely make money online with surveys.

Price to Start: Free

Income Potential: $1 – $300+ a month

Where to Start: Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, My Surveys

2. Start a Blog

make money online blogging

Every fricken person making money online SHOULD start and own a blog.

You should do the same, especially if you want to make money on the internet.

Blogging has been around for a long time, and people make real money doing it.

Myself included.

Some have made a nice side income, some do it for a living, and others have even made fortunes just like these fantastic blogs.

It’s by far one of the best ways to make money online and one that you have to try at least.

There is usually a whole process when it comes to setting up a blog, but it’s not complicated.

It does require some knowledge and the right tools to get started, but you can find some free training online.

Some sites offer you everything in one place, so I do recommend you use them instead.

You can also check out this article about how to make money blogging.

Price to start: $10 – $50 a month

Income Potential: $500 – $10k+ per month

Where to Get Started: Wealthy Affiliate, Authority Hacker, Project 24

3. Affiliate Marketing

make money affiliate marketing

In a traditional business, the idea is to sell a product or service in exchange for money.

You can sell your products or services, but that’s not usually the case.

With retail businesses, they buy other people’s products at a wholesale price and then mark them up to make a profit.

That’s completely legal and physical businesses do it all the time.

You then have to rent out some space, pay for electricity and water, all while being at your store.

On the internet, things are done a lot differently and don’t require a lot of the stuff that comes with your traditional business.

At most, you will need a website (not always the case) and your affiliate link from one of your soon-to-be partners.

When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you as the affiliate will get credit for that sale.

This business model alone makes up for almost all my online income, so of course, I think this is a great way to make money online.

Price to Start: $0 – $3,000

Income Potential: $1k – $10k+ per month

Where to get started: Wealthy Affiliate

4. Become a Drop Shipper

make money online dropshipping

Dropshipping is where we start stepping into some serious business.

Dropshipping is one online opportunity that can have you making money the fastest.

However, it is going to require a lot more money upfront and lots of learning.

Now the idea is straightforward and, although crazy-sounding, is legit.

With drop shipping, you do not own any products, and you do not need to purchase any either.

The idea is to find products at a drop shipper’s price and then mark it up with a higher rate to earn a profit.

You do need a store that will host these products you don’t own and sell them as if they were yours, through an e-commerce website that you own.

People will make “purchases” on this site, and that’s when you, as the drop shipper, comes into play.

You will then place that order on a website that you are a drop shipping partner with, who will then ship that product to the customer.

The customer gets their product, and you make that profit.

The dropshipping company got their money from you, and everyone is happy.

I know, it sounds incredible and that’s because it is.

Although drop shipping usually costs a lot more to learn, the income potential will justify its cost.

Price to Start: $100 – $4,000+

Income Potential: $1k – $50k+ per month

Where to get started: Oberlo

5. Sell With Amazon FBA

make money fba

Fulfillment By Amazon would be one of my most favorite business models and one that I would be doing if I weren’t so busy with my websites.

It’s either this or drop shipping, and that is why I recommend them.

With FBA, you have another fantastic business model that is legit but sounds too good to be true.

Rather than dealing with drop shipping companies, you are dealing with the most trusted and most dominant force on the internet.


Now with such a company comes one of the most significant opportunities for the little guy to make some dough.

This business model is especially great because Amazon almost does it all for you.

They pick, pack,  and ship your orders for you.

The best part about all this is that they provide customer service for YOU, and these products come with all the same-day shipping type offers that come with Amazon.

Once again, you don’t own any actual products, but you will have to purchase them.

However, you will be purchasing them wholesale from one company (usually Alibaba) and then sending them to Amazon to do the rest.

You get products at wholesale prices and then sell them through Amazon to make a profit.

They get their products through Amazon, therefore allowing you to take advantage of the trust that Amazon provides.

Amazon does take a fee, but the wholesaler gets their share, you get yours, and the customers are happy with their product.

Price to Start: $100+

Income Potential: $1k – $30k+ per month

Where to Get Started: Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)

6. Write For Others

make money online writing

Writing on the web is a great way to make money.

Businesses and even small blogs are willing to pay some good money for articles.

I mainly know that because I pay and have paid lots of it myself.

I don’t care how good or bad you are at writing.

Someone is willing to pay you to do it.

Of course, it’s better if you are great at it, but with different levels, it allows writers to get paid accordingly.

So if you have even the slightest interest in writing whatever topic it is that you can think of, just know that there is money to be made.

Like golf?

Write about it.

Like talking about writing?

You can write about that too.

With the internet, the opportunities are endless with such skill and one that I highly recommend if you have it.

I have paid anywhere from $10 – $100 just for a single article.

Imagine doing just 5 of them and how much extra money you could make or how this can be a real deal career.

Price to Start: Free

Income Potential: $1k – $5k+ per month

Where to Get Started: Freelancer or Fiverr

7. Design Websites

make money online designing websites

I love designing websites, and you might also like it too.

Every single website I’ve owned has been designed by myself and only because I like doing it.

It is not easy, though, and that is why others are willing to pay good money for such a service.

A web designer’s salary, of course, is not set as your skill and all that good stuff will be a factor.

But if you even have a thing for design and have no experience with websites, you might want to look into doing so.

With technology, all that technical stuff is not necessary, and you can make some good money designing simple websites.

Although I am pretty proficient at it now, I do remember how complicated everything was.

Just putting a website together was a headache (even without coding), and then you want me to design it?

To the complete newb, it’s a headache.

Now, if you know a thing or two about it, the money is there for you to make.

Price to Start: Free – $50+

Income Potential: $30k – $50k+ annual salary

Where to Get Started: Skillcrush.com

8. Invest in CryptoCurrency

make money online trading crypto currency

If you have not heard of the word Bitcoin, you have probably been in quarantine way before the Coronavirus outbreak.

CryptoCurrency and especially Bitcoin have taken the internet by storm, all thanks to the Bitcoin pizza guy.

Overnight, p

That, of course, was around the time no one knew about it, but things have definitely changed and not for the worst either.

CryptoCurrency is not only a legit way to pay for things, but it is also a way that people are making a living.

Trading Crypto Currency is a thing, and now it might be a great time to invest.

There are companies out there that are willing to do some trading for you, so that makes things even better.

I like the concept of Bitcoins, and I want to invest in it myself.

Chances of you becoming a Bitcoin millionaire aren’t likely, but I’m sure you can make a nice income if you wanted to.

Price to Start: $100+

Income Potential: $1k – $10k+ per month

Where to Get Started: This article from Forbes

9. Start a YouTube Channel

make money online youtuber

YouTube is beyond huge.

My kids watch it, your kids watch it, and heck, even we watch it without even thinking about it.

What most people don’t know is the fact that there are real people like you and me on the other side of the video who are making money from that simple video.

“how to ____”.

People are looking for information every single second of the day, and others are providing the answers through simple videos.

That’s where YouTubers start and then next thing you know they’re millionaires.

What’s cool about YouTube is there are so many channels (I mean ways) that allow you to make money.

Making money with YouTube is pretty much like blogging but through videos rather than blog posts.

You can make money on YouTube in many ways, whether through ads from companies that promote themselves on YouTube, or companies that contact you directly so that you can promote them in your videos.

Once you establish yourself as a YouTuber, you will be able to create “merch” for others to purchase and make money there too.

You can find a lot of free information on how to create a YouTube channel and grow it.

But one way to speed up this learning process is to pay for a good course that helps you grow your YouTube channel from scratch and monetize it effectively.

This is where I recommend Matt Par, a successful YouTuber with multiple channels, who has created one of the most comprehensive courses on YouTube called Tube Mastery and Monetization.

Price to Start: Free

Income Potential: $1k – $50k+ per month

Where to Get Started: Google Support (they own YouTube)

10. Conquer Social Media

make money online social media

YouTube is youtube, and it’s a business all on its own.

Social media, on the other hand, is a different animal.

Rather than creating full-blown videos, you simply do the type of stuff that you usually would do on every popular social media channel out there.

Whether it be Instagram or the hottest new craze (Tik Tok), there are now more ways that you can make money on the internet.

Have you ever seen Tik Tok?

People are doing nothing, but short clips of different dance move to different songs.

That is it.

Now, if you can get thousands of people to follow and watch your Tik Tok videos, you too can make money just like all the new Tik Tok Superstars out there.

The same thing goes with Instagram.

Price to Start: Free

Income Potential: $1k – $10k+ per month

Where to Get Started: Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook

11. Create Your Own Product/Course

make money online creating courses

Do you have some kind of skill?

I’m not talking about some professional-level skills either.

As long as you know how to do something, there is a way that you can create your product or course online.

Take fitness, for example.

No one is ever really a professional, yet they always want to give advice.

Most are nothing but muscle heads, and others just believe they have what works.

And guess what?

That body and thought can make you money.

Create a simple product doing some exercises and voila!

You have just created a course that you can sell to others.

What’s even cooler is the fact that you can offer your products to affiliates, who can then go out there and sell your product for you.

Pay them a nice commission, and you keep the rest.

Just like with the product or course you create.

So just think about the type of money you can bring in with a skill that you thought was useless.

Price to Start: Free

Income Potential: $1k – $10k+ per month

Where to Get Started: Clickbank

Before You Get Started

This list of ways to make money on the internet is as good as it gets, but you will need to do your part in making it happen.

Minus the surveys, every other method on this list is legit and will work if done correctly.

None of them are Get Quick Rich nonsense, but they all have the potential to make you some good money.

They are all real careers, and I have personally done them myself.

Pick One

Although short, this list is all you need.

Within this list, you only need one.

Do not go trying to do more than that, or you will find yourself quitting faster than when you started.

Every single one of them requires lots of your time and your attention.

Blogging alone takes months to learn, but one will never master it.

Your best bet is to keep up with the Kardashians, especially with the constant changes in Google and the way people search for things.

The same thing goes with YouTube, Crypto Currency, and every other method on this list.

So be wise and put all your focus into just one.

There is a lot of learning to do before you see any money.

At least for now.

And if you are trying to get into one for the sole purpose of making money, you might want to think again.

Go with something you are familiar with and most notably have some kind of interest.

Change Your Mentality

If you are working a regular old J-O-B, you most likely are equipped with the wrong mindset.

You might think you have it, but you probably don’t.

As an entrepreneur, especially in the online world, your mentality is where everything starts.

Money and careers are created on the internet as we speak, and it is something you need to understand.

The biggest thing you need to know is that nothing is going to happen if your brain is in the wrong place.

With that mentality comes the drive and passion that is just as important.

Along with that, you are going to need to make some kind of sacrifice as well.

I’m not saying to do something crazy like I did but instead, put some time into your soon to be

If that’s not something you want, then you might as well go and tell your boss how much you love him and try to get that promotion.

Do Not Give Up

Making money on the internet is excellent, but it is going to require lots and lots of patience.

Depending on the path you choose, most opportunities will require a lot of time as well.

The result is worth it, even if you aren’t going to make money overnight.

The internet is truly a fantastic place with lots of amazing opportunities, but only the patient and persistent will survive.

The biggest mistake that most people make is quitting.

Right before they are about to have that breakthrough, they figure that they are just not cut out for this stuff.

That is the wrong answer and wrong attitude that gets people to quit in the first place.

It is not going to be a comfortable journey, but one that will be well worth it in the end.

Conclusion – Make Money on the Internet

Did I tell you not to give up?

Well, I want to tell you again because you probably will.

The world is a crazy place and will have you working for someone else like it’s cool.

The internet world is a lot better if you can break free from what everyone else makes you think you need to be.

If you want to quit being an Underpaid or you simply want to make the type of money most will only dream of, you need to put in the work.

It provides you with one of the few opportunities to be your boss, work on your own time, and spend it with the people who matter most.

Yourself included.

Make today be the day that you break out of your comfort zone and start on something new.

I hope these tried and true legit ways to make money online have been of great use to you as I’m sure you will not find anything better.

If you have any questions or any other way to make money on the Internet, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time, get out there and make something happen.

As always, if you want to stay informed about topics like this, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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