Ticket Flipping Hub Review: Legitimate or Scam?

By John Cruz

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This Ticket Flipping Hub review is for anyone wondering what in the world is going on here.

Is this some kind of scam or legit flipping business that can yield some profit through some concert tickets?

As a flipper myself, I like the idea of finding things for cheap and then selling them for a higher price to make a profit.

I’m not talking about trying to rip people off but first providing an even better product, at a reasonable price from what they perceive as value.

Just like how you would make money flipping cars, you wouldn’t want someone to drive away knowing that the car they just bought would be breaking down a week from now.

I know there are a lot of sleazy car salesmen out there, but that’s not how I roll, and that’s not how you should conduct business either.

The same thing goes with anything else you flip, and that includes tickets.

And yes, flipping tickets is a thing.

However, tickets are a different breed in the world of flipping and one that has its rules.

Unlike a regular flipping business model, there will be no physical interaction with people or products.

Unlike cars that you need to buy, drive and wheel and deal in real life, tickets are not something you hold in your possession.

It’s a business that requires much more than buying low and selling high and one that Ticket Flipping Hub will help you understand more.

Through this Ticket Flipping Hub review, I will give you everything you need to know before you commit to anything.

I know how not fun it is to get into something, thinking it’s one thing, just to find out it’s not what you wanted.

So let’s get into this review so you can see what “the hub” has to offer.

Product Overview


Ticket Flipping Hub is not a scam but not going to be your best bet when it comes to flipping tickets for profit. With a bunch of complaints and not much proof of earnings, you’re better off going with Ticketflipping.com instead.



  • Affordable price


  • Complains about people losing money
  • Negative comments being deleted
  • Stub alerts don’t work

What is Ticket Flipping Hub?


Ticket Flipping hub is a website that will give you insight on where to find tickets that are guaranteed to sell out, so that you, the flipper, can buy and sell them to those that are willing to spend more for a top-rated event.

Flipping tickets is legal, and it happens all the time.

Concerts sell out, and no one wants to deal with FOMO (fear of missing out).

So what happens?

People are willing to pay a premium price for an event, and you can be that person to provide that “golden ticket.”

You can make money, or someone else can do it for you.

You have the choice, and Ticket Flipping Hub can help.

At least that’s what they claim.

How it Works

The idea is no different from flipping anything else, but it does come with its unique characteristics.

Flipping houses, for example, comes with buying beat-up, run-down homes to fix-up, and then selling them for a profit.

With tickets, there is no fixing up or any of the difficult work that comes with flipping with houses.

You also don’t have to deal with banks and loans or spending thousands of dollars either.

With said facts, you should understand that your profits are also not going to be in the hundreds and thousands.

However, this is very much a sound business venture to consider, as it does not require any physical work, and it is done entirely on the internet.

Not many businesses allow for such a thing, and not many can start you off with such a low investment either.

The Price

The best part about Ticket Flipping Hub has got to be its price.

The price for the stub alerts alone is only going to cost you $25.

Now, if you want all the tools + the stub alerts (for a month), it is going to cost you a one-time payment of $75.

After that, it will cost you $25/month to get the alerts.

Of course, it is best to take the $75 deal if you are new, as you still get the alerts.

That brings your total to just $50 for the training and tools, which is quite the bargain for a one-time payment.

That’s cool and all, but what good is a price if it can’t make you any profits?

Learning how to flip tickets and getting alerts is one thing, but the real investment comes when you purchase the actual tickets.

Before You Join

There are several things you need to know and consider before you join Ticket Flipping Hub or any other money-making opportunity for that matter.

Too many people join something and then find out later that it just isn’t for them or they didn’t get what they purchased.

Then you have things like the Ticket Flipping Hub disclaimer that says nothing but this:


I’ve seen generic, but that is beyond generic.

Talk about no effort whatsoever, which is another thing to consider before joining Ticket Flipping Hub.

Another thing you should know is the fact that you will need good capital just to get started.

Some businesses like affiliate marketing require almost no money to get started, but that’s not the case with ticket flipping.

Buying Ticket Flipping Hub is a small chunk of what you will be spending if you were to go into the business of flipping tickets.

Too many people join something like Ticket Flipping Hub intending to buy a couple of tickets and make a considerable profit.

It doesn’t work that way with tickets, and it doesn’t work that way with other products either.

If you want to make money flipping tickets the right way, you are going to need a decent-sized budget.

Ticket Flipping Hub tells you that $200 can work, but I say use that as your starting point.

So expect to invest $200 – $700+ on buying tickets and nothing less.

If you don’t have that kind of money, maybe you should consider starting a blog or even a YouTube channel.

You need capital, and there’s no way around that.

How Much Can I Make?

The earning potential with Ticket Flipping Hub comes with the same answer that every other money-making opportunity has.

And that is, there is no real answer.

For a more general idea, you can see the video created by the hub, but I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it.

What I Liked

No program is perfect, but there are always some things that are better than others.

With Ticket Flipping Hub, there was only one thing I saw to be a pro, and they’re not going to do you any good when it comes to making money.

Like I just mentioned, the price is very nice.

There aren’t many training programs out there these days that cost below $100.

For a one-time payment of $75 and then $25/month for the alerts, I think that’s beyond a steal.

One ticket alone can make you that fee, and that is why I like the cost to join Ticket Flipping Hub.

However, that does not mean it’s going to be an investment you should consider.

And that is why I want to get right into the cons of Ticket Flipping Hub.

What I Didn’t Like


In the world of business and making money, there are always going to be certain things that are not in the best interest of its members.

Ticket Flipping Hub just so happens to have more than one of those interests.

I can go on and on about these poor features, but I think I can sum it up with just two.

I’ll save the rest for the complaints section instead.

For one, there are way too many lopsided Ticket Flipping Hub reviews.

They claim it’s the best business out there when they are nothing but affiliates trying to make a commission.

There are no real Ticket Flipping Hub reviews from its members, and that can only mean one of two things.

Its members are too busy making money flipping tickets, or there aren’t any real results.

I’d like to go with the latter as that is the next reason why I’m not a fan of Ticket Flipping Hub.

The second thing I don’t like about Ticket Flipping Hub is the fact that there aren’t any real, solid results from its members.

If the winning rate was so high, why is it hard to come across someone who is making the kind of money?

Instead, we get more complaints.

Complaints that eventually get deleted from the Ticket Flipping Hub website.

Thankfully so, we have other sources that we can use.

Ticket Flipping Hub Complaints

Ticket Flipping Hub has more complaints than anything good about them.

There are a few praises here and there, but I have concluded that they are from affiliates who are merely trying to make money.

They have not used the program themselves and know nothing about whether or not this is a legit and trustworthy platform.

So if you want to see what others are complaining about, here they are.

Complaint #1 – Negative Comments Being Deleted


In business and anything dealing with money, you must ALWAYS be transparent.

I don’t care how much money you want to make.

You should always run an honest business.

A complaint that the owners are deleting comments is already a red flag and is a complete deal-breaker for me.

They are hiding something, and one will never notice if someone doesn’t say anything.

Complaint #2 – Stub Alerts Don’t Work


The main reason anyone would join Ticket Flipping Hub is to learn how to make money flipping tickets and get alerts on when to buy tickets that will make you a profit.

If that is not happening, what are you getting for $25?

That’s not cool in anyone’s book and not worth a penny.

Now when you have everyone throwing $25 into someone’s bank account, things can add up pretty fast.

And when you pay that every single month, that means they make money over and over again.

It doesn’t sound like much, but when you, me, and your cat are paying, it becomes a lot.

Complaint #3 – People “Bailing” From the Forum


One of the things that enticed me about joining Ticket Flipping Hub was their forum.

I know how hard it is to get answers to a simple question, and something like a forum can help in that department.

Now when people are leaving, what good is it?

It’s not good at all and is a clear sign that people aren’t satisfied with Ticket Flipping Hub.

So is Ticket Flipping Hub a Scam?


In the business world, there are a couple of things that need to be in place, or they will be nothing but a scam.

You need either a product or a service, and you are good to go.

Ticket Flipping Hub has that product and service, and that is what keeps them in good standing.

Now whether their product or service is any good is a different question that I hope you got the answers from in this Ticket Flipping Hub review.

Ticket Flipping Hub has way too many complaints, with the biggest one being people losing money. I did join myself but didn’t invest any crazy amounts. I was stuck with tickets and eventually went back to the drawing board.

Conclusion – Ticket Flipping Hub Review

If you are going to flip tickets, go in with the idea that you are going to be starting a home-based business.

Don’t join, thinking you’re going to purchase a few tickets and profit immediately.

It doesn’t work that way.

If anything, you want to go into things with the thought that this might require a lot more money than you thought.

Now should you use Ticket Flipping Hub?

I think you know the answer.

If you are still confused, do yourself a favor, save yourself the risk, and avoid this program.

Like I mentioned earlier, you should consider Ticket Flipping, as I’m sure they are a much better option. You’re welcome!

Regardless of what you do, I hope this Ticket Flipping Hub review has been of some great help to you.

If you have any questions or you simply want to add your two cents, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Now tell me, have you used Ticket Flipping Hub before? What are your thoughts?

And as always, if you want to stay informed about topics like this, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

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  1. I disagree that Ticket Flipping Hub has a product or service of any value. After trying it, this website is a total scam IMO.


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