Save Money on Your Water Bill With These 7 Simple Tips

By John Cruz

If you want to save money on your water bill, it will require some work.

Saving money in any part of your life isn’t something you do.

It requires you to think about and understand, or you’ll never get it.

Our water bill is one of those things we can save money on if we take the necessary steps to get it done.

It will take a lot of getting used to, but in the end, you will save on your water bill and have more money for other things.

Stop wondering why you’re broke, and let’s learn how you can keep more money in your pockets.

How to Save Money on Your Water Bill


Who doesn’t want to reduce your water bill and save more money?

Times are a lot tougher than last year alone, and finding every way possible to save is all we can do.

At least for now.

Being one of the smaller bills, it’s hard to see that water has gone up 43% over the last decade.

It’s not the most noticeable expense, but you can save on it if you really want to.

Here are several ways to save on your water bill without doing much.

1. Be Conscious of Water


If you want to save on your water bill, it all starts with your awareness of water.

You use it more than you think, which is a convenience luxury we often take for granted.

Not to say you don’t care about it, but we’re just so used to having it easily accessible.

This causes us to forget how valuable it is, and then we become reckless.

If we go about our house thinking about how we use water, we can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on our water bill every year.

Think about how often you flush your toilet for silly reasons.

Think about how you step away from the sink with the water still running.

How about when you wash your dishes?

If you think of “I need to save on water” in your head, you will see that you are using a lot more water than you should.

2. Fix All Water Leaks


Understanding water leaks can help with everything and is a great way to save more money.

Water leaks are much more common than you think, and most of the time, it’s not noticeable.

Your water bill might be just $100, but that might be because there’s actually a leak or two.

The first thing you want to do is find any visible leaks in your house.

If you see your sinks leaking, you might want to fix them.

Even if it’s just a drop every 10 seconds.

Your toilet is another thing to consider, and we can cover that next.

But let me share my experience real quick.

My toilet had a slight noise of water running the other night.

So, I had to investigate.

I opened the tank, and I could see that it was full, but there was still some water coming out of the little hose.

I adjusted the toilet float (the thing that looks like a black ball), and it eventually stopped.

Sometimes a water leak can be underground, so use this guide for help.

3. Toilet Awareness


Your toilet is one of the most valuable pieces in your house.

You use it every single day, and you will die without it.

What most don’t know is that many moving parts play a big part in your toilet’s operation.

There are hoses and flanges and other things that can leak.

If you hear any sounds of water coming from your toilet, you need to check on that and see why it is happening.

If you see any signs of water leaking, you must also check on that.

Ensure your toilet is leak free, and you will save more money on your water bill.

Now, let’s talk flushing.

You can use the whole “if it’s yellow make it mellow, If it’s brown flush it down.”

Use what works for you, but don’t go flushing a piece of nonsense, and flush your toilet only when necessary.

4. Wash Dishes Better


Washing dishes comes with a lot of responsibility and even more water.

If you are still handwashing dishes, you have to do your best to use as little water as possible.

In some cases, a dishwasher saves more water than handwashing.

But not all the time.

Smaller batches of dishes can save you more water than a dishwasher, so decide based on the size of your family.

At the very least, turn off the water when you’re not using it and lessen the water pressure when necessary.

If you can be aware of how you wash dishes, you can save more money on your water bill.

5. Wash More Clothes


No, I don’t mean get all dirty so you can do more laundry.

You need to do laundry when you have a full load.

I know Gage or Acacia needs a specific shirt for whatever reasons, but don’t let that force you to wash a few articles of clothing.

To save money on your water bill, you need to think a little deeper about doing laundry.

With the fact that a standard washer uses a whopping 19 gallons of water per load, you should have your eyes coming out of their sockets.

That is not a little water, so please consider doing your laundry differently unless you don’t want to save on your water bill.

What is The Average Water Bill?

According to the Nerds, the average American household spends $1,000 per year on water, which is about $83/per month.

It might not sound like a lot unless you were part of the generation that spent $30/month on water.

Prices have gone up, and Americans are using more water as well.

With our pampered lifestyle and need to be wasteful, we use way more water than what I used to see my grandparents use.

Be Water Conscious, Save On Your Water Bill

If you want to save on your water bill, you need to make the necessary adjustments.

Knowing how you use water will put more money back in your wallets and help save the beautiful planet we live on.

There are other benefits we tend to overlook, so be considerate of what we have, and you will see that there’s no need to waste water.

I hope you have found this article to be helpful in one way or another.

If you have any thoughts or want to share tips, you can do so in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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