Melaleuca Review – Legitimate MLM or Scam?

By John Cruz

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Everyone and their mothers have done a Melaleuca review.

And that’s because this company has been around for decades.

However, most reviews are outdated and incomplete, and that is why I felt the need to provide the most recent changes and updates.

So if you’re looking for the most up-to-date information on the web, this is it.

A quick story on my journey with “the wellness company.”

I joined Melaleuca in my early parenting days and then quit after about two years.

Thanks to the crazy amount of products building up in my closet.

The products were fair, but not worth the $80 monthly auto-ship.

At least in my opinion.

Are these products worth its hefty price tag?

Are they organic and better for the environment and your family?

Many questions arise in that territory and I want to address them in this Melaleuca review.

What makes Melaleuca a worthwhile investment or something you might want to avoid altogether?

Like how you would start any home-based business, you need to understand what it is that you are joining before you can make any critical decisions.

Whether it be a relative or a friend trying to convince you or if you were wondering if the lotion is life-changing, let’s see what Melaleuca has to offer.

Melaleuca Review – Product Overview

Melaleuca $80


Melaleuca specializes in all kinds of products but most especially, they are a network marketing company that allows you to earn income by becoming one of their affiliates.



  • They have been around for decades
  • Tons of products to choose from


  • Not a truly natural company
  • Unable to cancel membership

What is Melaleuca?


Melaleuca is an MLM company that provides products in the health and wellness industry.

They range from laundry detergent and cleaning products, all the way to vitamins, skincare products, and even popcorn.

Melaleuca was founded by brothers Roger and Allan Ball, who then offered it to brother-in-law Frank Vandersloot.

Vandersloot then took over and now has been running the company since 1985.

Melaleuca does not like to be called an MLM business, but you still need to recruit new customers for the company to remain in business.

Without such a thing, no one will know about the products.


Not to mention the fact that you will earn money from the customers under those that you sponsor.

All you need to know is that someone introduced this to you because they have something to gain.

Not because they want to tell you how amazing the products are.

Regardless of the hidden agendas and crazy intentions, let’s go over the many products that make Melaleuca the company it is today.

Melaleuca has been around for decades, though, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down either.

Check out this tweet from the CEO himself.

The Melaleuca Products

Many people wonder if Melaleuca’s products are as good as they claim.

Of course, its members will say they are amazing, and that’s because well, they want to make money.

Maybe they do like them, perhaps they’re brainwashed, or probably even both.

Whatever it is, I want to tell you what I think, and that’s what you’ll find in this Melaleuca review.

Melaleuca does have a crazy amount of products.

I mean, lots and lots of them.

However, some give the company its name, so those are the ones I will be going over in this review.

They are the same ones I used and continued to use for years before I eventually threw in the towel.

Renew Skin Therapy


I want to start with the Renew lotion as this is the same product that got me to join Melaleuca in the first place.

I got a call from my other half asking for my credit card, and all I got was this.

“Trust me, John, we need this lotion.”

That’s all that was said, and of course, I didn’t give in so easily.

I ran away from work and had to see what this woman was about to do.

Low and behold, the very first MLM we were about to join.

Being new parents and having somewhat of an entrepreneurial spirit, we signed up and got a free bottle of Renew from the daycare owner and our new up-line.

To my other half, the lotion worked.

To me, it made his skin moist but did not work.

He still scratched, and nothing changed.

If you have a kid with eczema, you will know that one cream is not going to work for every single person.

What works for one will not work for another, and that’s just how it is.

I don’t think Renew will work, but it at least is an excellent moisturizer.

We have bottles of this thing up until now.

And we weren’t even with the company for a year.

For those of you looking for more of a solution or help with eczema, has a nice list of eczema creams.

As far as joining Melaleuca just for the lotion, I wouldn’t recommend it.

You can learn more about it on, which is a site dedicated to their lotion alone.

Pretty cool aye?

Melaleuca Oil


Back in the day, this was the workhorse for Melaleuca.

They were the ones who brought essential oils to the scene.

At least from what I saw.

I’m not talking about the essential oils you put into the little machine, but the old school bottle that you apply to cuts, scrapes, burns, etc.

They do have a massive selection of essential oils and can very much compete with Young Living, which focuses strictly on this product.

Being that I have kids, I am always in need of some kind of cream for scrapes, cuts, and bruises. And that is what this product did.

This little bottle of oil works and I still have some of it left.

Melaleuca does have a vast selection of essential oils, and some of their prices will blow your mind.

But if this is something you are interested in, then Melaleuca might just be for you.

The Gold Bar


Why in the world would anyone spend $6 on a bar of soap?

That’s the question asked on their site and one that many can argue about all day long.

Do I think it’s worth $6?

Of course not.

The soap isn’t going to make you extra clean, and it isn’t going to make you fly.

I will say this.

Melaleuca’s Gold bar is one awesome bar of soap.

Maybe when you throw in a bundle pack and get 3 of them for $10.97, can I say that it is worth it.

It’s mainly worth it because you are using a unique product that offers you the chance to start an MLM business.

Besides that, the soap does last a little longer than the gold Dial bar of soap that I like, but it does get soaked with water with more use.

But that’s about it.

Ecosense Cleaning Products


Ecosense is Melaleuca’s brand for its cleaning products.

I am a fan, and I’m sure you’ll like these products as well.

After cleaning your bathtub, your sink, or any other part of your bathroom, you will see a beautiful shine.

Melaleuca has a complete lineup of cleaning products, so you will be able to replace whatever it is that you’re using.

Clean your toilet, your shower/tub, and even your wooden floors.

The one awe-inspiring cleaning product has to be their Tough and Tender wipes.

They are the thickest and best cleaning wipes you will ever see.

It also smells great but is pricey and doesn’t offer many points.



After joining Melaleuca for their lotion, this was the very next product that caught my attention.

I went to one of their little presentations, and the detergent was what they presented.

They made the whole comparison to how much you would spend and use if you were to use Tide.

It seemed legit and made sense, but that’s not really how things went for me.

You were supposed to use less with the MelaPower, but doing that made my clothes feel as if they weren’t getting cleaned.

I would use more than what they recommended, and only then did I feel something was happening.

After months of use, my clothes did start to look older, and the colors were also fading.

I do see that they have a new design, but I’m not sure if that means they have improved on this product.

If it’s still the same old stuff I used last year, then I don’t think it’s worth the cost.



Here’s where things start to feel like I’m dealing with Amway, which is the first MLM company I have ever heard of in my life.

Just like Amway, Melaleuca has its vitamins.

They aren’t anything special, and I did feel a bit woozy after taking them.

Melaleuca also offers multi-vitamins for men and women, as well as a ton of other essential vitamins.

The price is not that nice, but it’s an option if you do get backed up with other products like I did.

One month’s supply of men’s vitamins will get you the 35 points needed, but it will have you spending $105 as a preferred member.

Melaleuca Food

Food is no reason for me to join an MLM, but Melaleuca has them.

They got popcorn, granola bars, and a whole lot of healthy food alternatives.

They have gum and mints, but those suck.

Now there are two products that I did not try, and they are ones that I want to try.

Coffee and tea.

If you have any experience with these products, please share them in the comments section below.

Maybe I might just join for the 3rd time, lol.

Melaleuca Gear


As a network marketer, there is no better way to represent than to get some products with your company’s logo.

Melaleuca has them.

You can get clothing for men, women, and even kids.

As a representative, you can also get table covers, display banners, and bags.

Not all network marketing gigs have these, so this is a plus.

Other Products

Now obviously, I did not use any of their beauty products, but my better half did.

She is not the biggest fan but did say she likes the hand cream.

The Tooth Polish was also not the greatest.

It sucks.

I ordered it once and never ordered it again.

I’ll stick with any other tube of toothpaste at the grocery store.

It comes out in a thin stream, making you think you don’t need much.

It takes about 4 of those little streams before you can get that bubbly, fresh feeling you get with any other brand of toothpaste.

Now I do have a story, but please don’t judge.

So you see, Melaleuca has this pain relief cream called Pain-A-Trate.

I don’t know how it got into my cart, but it probably came with one of those savings packs I got when I first started.

Now get this.

I thought this cream was the dang toothpaste.

Without thinking, I put a nice serving on my toothbrush and started brushing.

My mouth started to burn, and I immediately spit it out.

I picked up the tube, and what do you know?

It was the stupid Pain-A-Trate crap that I never knew we had.

That wasn’t the best experience, but it isn’t the reason why I left Melaleuca.

Heck, I’m pretty sure that pain relief cream will do a better job than the toothpaste did.

Loyalty Shopping Dollars


As a preferred member of Melaleuca, you get to receive loyalty shopping dollars from qualified products.

You can then use these dollars to purchase other products.

You can earn loyalty dollars from everything you purchase, but they can also be made just from watching videos.

They are pretty sweet but can also be the reason why you will spend more than you planned on.

You also don’t earn loyalty dollars when you use them, but I’m sure you understand.

The Price to Join Melaleuca

There is no set price on what you will pay to join Melaleuca as everything goes through a points system.

However, you will need to pay a yearly fee of $19, but there is usually a promotion that will make it as low as $1.

To be qualified as a “preferred member,” you need to purchase products that equal 35 points.

Depending on the products, it will usually end up being around $70-$80 per month.

You can buy products separately, but you can also grab one of their new customer deals.

They offer a pretty big discount, which will save you even more money.

Preferred Member VS Regular Member

Joining Melaleuca as an affiliate is not necessary.

It’s either you come in as a preferred customer or a regular old member.

Preferred members get discounts, and regular members don’t.

Preferred members pay a monthly minimum.

Regular members don’t.

That is why most people say that Melaleuca is not an MLM.

I can agree, just not completely.

In this part, they are right.

Now when it comes to making money, not so much.

That’s also why I still say that Melaleuca is an MLM.

For now, you do not need to be a preferred member to get Melaleuca products.

And that’s true.

Now with the price difference being a pretty big deal, it almost makes sense just to become a preferred member.

It all leads to the opportunity to make money with Melaleuca, along with the reason why I say, in this Melaleuca review, that they are an MLM company.

Making Money With Melaleuca

There is one reason and one reason only as to why anyone would join Melaleuca.

And that is to make money.

The products are not too bad, but they don’t compare to the products you are already buying.

Do you think Lemon Brite will outdo Dawn?

There is no competition, and even its members will tell you that there is no comparing the two.

So we know that you do not need to become an affiliate to purchase products with Melaleuca.

What you do need to know is the fact that you will make money from whatever your customers purchase.

It also includes others that they recruit.

If that’s not MLM (multilevel marketing), then I don’t know what to tell you.

The Balance SMB can give you a better understanding as they cover all angles as to what MLM is.

Most definitions go off of “recruiting others to make money,” and that’s it.

If you see The Balance SMB’s definition, you will know that they also mention products.

So yes, Melaleuca is multilevel marketing.


Melaleuca Complaints

No company is perfect, especially when it comes to network marketing.

There are more complaints than kind things to say about them.

Melaleuca claims to be better for the environment, but how true is that?

There are quite a number of complaints when it comes to the wellness company, and that’s what I want to cover next.

Some are a slap-on-the-hand kind of stuff, but others are a little more serious.

Complaint #1 – Not a Natural Company

There has always been a debate on whether or not Melaleuca is a truly organic company.

People take pride in things like going green, so I would think that claiming to be organic is beyond a big deal.

I’m no scientist, and I’m not even into looking up that information either.

However, you can see these complaints on sites like and many others.

Complaint #2 – Unable to Cancel Membership

Some members have complained about not being able to cancel their membership as well as their backup order.

I can say that back in the day, this was a huge problem, but I think their marketing tactics aren’t that easy to do today.

You can read more complaints on the Better Business Bureau’s website as well.

It’s like a site for the younger sibling goes to tell mommy and daddy what happened, but it gives you a better idea of what others have to say.

I would love to sit here and complain about this company, but I think you get the point.

Melaleuca Review – Conclusion

Overall, I believe Melaleuca is one of the better network marketing companies out there.

They have a ton of products to choose from and have been around for decades.

I mean, this company is almost as old as me!

Just because I wasn’t that into the products does not mean that they can’t work for you.

Now the biggest and probably the only reason I would recommend you join Melaleuca is the fact that you are allowed to start a home-based business of your own.

Without that, your best bet is that, or I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

With the dozens of MLM opportunities out there, I would say that this is definitely on the list of best MLMs.

Other than that, I hope this Melaleuca review has been of some great help to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Until then, do not give up on finding something that works for you.

And please do not let anyone deter you from trying to achieve financial freedom.

Don’t forget to check out my list of legit ways to make money online, as the internet is one great place for entrepreneurs.

Also, consider subscribing to our newsletter if you want updates from us, and don’t forget to share the love.

11 thoughts on “Melaleuca Review – Legitimate MLM or Scam?”

  1. Hi, Thank you so much for your amazing article. I stumbled upon it as I was looking for a business I could do at home. I am in the wellness industry so was looking for beauty and aromatherapy products. This company seems to have those and the opportunity to make money. I most especially like that they are selling physical products. How long does it take to start earning money and making back any start-up fee? You have definitely given me something to look into further, so thank you!

    • You’re welcome Sara and I’m glad you liked it. In regards to earning money, there are no guarantees that you will make a single penny, especially if you are not going to get out there to promote their products. The start-up fees and costs are necessary, but even those don’t come with some kind of guarantee that you will make anything in return. You can also download Melaleuca’s income statistics to get a better understanding of what is truly possible in regards to income. I hope this helps Sara!

      • While I do understand that the main purpose of any business, home-based or otherwise is to earn an income I wouldn’t say that is the only reason. Your statements that the “members” only want to make money is unfair and unfounded. You can’t speak for an entire group as if they are all the same. A feeling of satisfaction, pride and usefulness are contributing factors. I know quite a few people who will only promote businesses and products they really believe in because they truly love the products. I am a preferred member. I am not required to recruit more members. I just get the products at a discount but never made a cent. I do share the products with friends even though I don’t make a cent if they purchase any. Also just because you didn’t read the Pain a Trate label before putting it on your toothbrush doesn’t mean it’s ” crap”. It actually works well for pain.

        • Yes, I am one of those people that will only promote a product or business if I really believed in it and truly really liked them. I don’t see how I was talking bad about Melaleuca, to be honest, but I do think they are a decent company. I just had an overload of products and I couldn’t keep up with the points, so I quit.

  2. Thanks John! I enjoyed your blog about Melaleuca! I love the products, I don’t care for the business part of it. But the reason I come and go as a preferred member is the obligation to buy 35 points every month! I don’t consume stuff fast enough to get new products every 3o days. If only they would let me buy at preferred customer’s pricing, I would keep buying their products as I need them. Unfortunately its not an option.

    • I had the same problem Morena. I had so many products that I could not get rid of them fast enough before the following month. I even had a few bottles of Renew lotion that I have had for years. And yes, it would be nice to get the products without doing the business but at the end of the day, you’re dealing with exactly that. A business. What products are you most interested in, if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. John,

    I usually stay away from long blog posts, but yours is well written and very informative. I had thought about simply purchasing a few things from this place, but I think it will be in my best interest to pretend I never heard about this company, I cannot get into anything that I am not 100% sold on.

    Thank you!

  4. Literally, my life. I think they need to understand different needs of different households. Not EVERY household has a need to buy products every 30 days to keep their cleaning, laundry and bath needs met. Especially not “35 points” worth of stuff. My MIL is who we signed up under, so I think we will cancel our preferred member status and just add our stuff to her order if we find we need it.

  5. I’ve been shopping with Melaleuca since September of 2022. All the products are high performing, non-toxic, and they’ve never had a product liability lawsuit in nearly four decades. They are extremely eco-friendly. A literal 10 mL cough syrup dose is all the detergent that’s needed for a load of laundry. Everything is super concentrated. They give you a hundred bucks in free loyalty dollars the first few months that you shop so that you can try more stuff. The company is debt free; their purse strings are not held by BlackRock Vanguard etc. like all the other (globalist) grocery store brands. They truly are the last standing family owned independent consumer goods manufacturer in North America that can scale. Yes I got involved on the business side because I know if I work hard I’ll get somewhere financially or at minimum make enough to pay for all my household and hygiene essentials. Stuff I need anyway. It’s no secret you can Google it, average person spends about 75 bucks a month on all that stuff, so why not switch to American. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, money is on the table, I just have to push out of my comfort zone and get it. As far as money trickling up, I think it’s good to support other American families and these American factories which are in the three states of Idaho Tennessee and Missouri. This company treats their factory employees extremely well. Every 5 years they get longevity bonuses whether they scrub toilets or run logistics in the distribution center. 5 years 5,000 10 years 10,000 15 years 15,000 etc…I met a man named Steve who runs senior logistics and has worked there 31 years. He’s received $105,000 just in longevity bonuses. Who needs a union when a company treats their employees like this? The founder Frank has made a couple billion but has paid out over seven billion. They support an orphanage in Ecuador run by Catholic nuns. They provide essentials during catastrophes and emergencies. The US government even came to them for hand sanitizer at the start of co<id. They provide school scholarships. They feed people. The average Joe Marketing executives that have worked their butts off to overcome being creatures of comfort are treated like kings and queens. I love that they are partnered with their customers. Most brands are partnered with the WEF= own nothing be happy, eat bugs not meat, screw your morals. Btw, Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson both tried to buy out Melaleuca but Frank won't sell. These other companies literally nickel and dime us by building in product liability legal defense funding into the purchase price. Melaleuca has one of the largest cattle operations in the country and are now offering Prime and High Choice beef, never any hormones antibiotics or mRNA injections. Total game changer. I literally spend 10 minutes in the grocery store now. I've saved money also by escaping impulse buys at the store because I'm in there for such a short time. I just run through the house once a month and see what I'm running out of, lift up the shampoo bottle, etc and then start filling up my cart on Melaleuca. AI is expected to eliminate one in five jobs in the next 5 years. That is a bit frightening. People need this. It takes years to build anything. There's no such thing as saturation in this business model because I forget the amount but like 12 million teenagers turn 18 every year which is the age of doing business with companies like this. Many say no but some say yes and some change their mind and say yes. Whether you just shop or shop and build either way you win because you're supporting something really great. Epic really.


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