7 Legitimate Ways to Make Money On Facebook

By John Cruz

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Who wants to make money on Facebook?

Then again, who doesn’t want to make more money, period?

I’m sure we all do, and that is why I want to show you how it’s done.

Facebook is no doubt, a giant in the social media world and, most notably, the business world.

They make more money than most companies put together.

Facebook makes billions of dollars.

Imagine getting just .0001% and how it would change your life.

Well, that’s not the case, and we have to go about things differently.

Mark Zuckerberg makes billions of dollars, and it’s doubtful that he will give you even a penny from that.

But I’m sure you’re not here for handouts either, and that is why I have put together this list.

So, if you want to make money on Facebook, here are some ideas.

How to Make Money On Facebook

There are several ways that you can make money on Facebook, and it’s not that complicated.

And just because you don’t know much about one does not mean that this is not for you.

I have made money on Facebook, and so have many others.

It’s one of the few mediums that allows you to make money online, and it’s one that might just work in your favor.

Whether you have a massive following or not, there is a lot of money to be made.

So, if you want a piece of the pie, here are some of the ways that you can make money on Facebook.

1. Advertising


Facebook makes billions of dollars from advertising.

Without ads, well, they wouldn’t be making the kind of money they make.

I’m sure you know you won’t be making anything close to what Mark makes.

But, at the very least, you can make money on Facebook by implementing some ads on your videos.

Similar to how you would make money with YouTube, Facebook has its version.

It’s not the greatest, but it still offers you a chance to make some extra cash.

Check out this Facebook’s page to learn more about how you can make money implementing some ads on your videos.

2. Buy and Sell


Flipping is one business that I enjoyed.

I had my first real entrepreneur experience flipping cars and loved everything about it.

I still recommend cars, but what better time and place to flip than what we have right in front of you?

The internet, plus Facebook, can be a money-making machine for you if you put in the work.

Join some FB groups within your area, find products that are no-brainer deals, and sell them for a nice profit.

Every single day someone is looking to sell their junk, for beyond affordable prices.

That’s when you (the flipper), steps in and takes that junk off their hands.

They are beyond happy to sell that junk, which was going to be thrown away anyway.

Then you sell that to someone who needs it, and everyone is happy.

Do that a couple of times a day, and you, my friend, are in business.

3. Affiliate Marketing


If you don’t know how to make money selling other people’s products online, today is a great time to start.

With something like affiliate marketing, you can do exactly that.

It sounds very similar to a traditional business, and that’s because it is.

The only difference is, well, there are a few.

For one, it is done entirely online.

It’s done on the internet, and you never have to hold any inventory in your possession.

All you need is your affiliate link and a lovely audience who is looking for that specific product or service.

Mind you; this is just one of many different ways to make money with a website.

But with just Facebook alone, affiliate marketing can yield some serious commissions.

4. Join Referral Programs


As an online marketer myself, I am continually joining different programs that allow me to make money by simply sharing them with others.

It costs $0 to join, and most of them offer you a chance to make money.

You join, share the free money-making opportunity on Facebook, and voila!

You just made money!

What’s even cooler is that we are talking a decent amount.

With something like Swagbucks, you can make as much as $10 just for sharing it with others.

Not to mention, they pay you just for taking simple surveys.

Now, the best part is that there are quite a number of them out there.

There are many, but these are the ones that pay the best.

  • Survey Junkie
  • Pinecone Research
  • Opinion Outpost

They are all free to join and offer an excellent referral program that can have you making money as soon as today.

5. Buy a Facebook Share


Investing your money is one of the safest ways to make money and not just on Facebook, either.

Stocks are being bought and sold every second, and one of them happens to be Facebook.

They are one of the top 5 stocks out there, but don’t expect them to grow infinitely as as you know, the stock market goes up and down, and you need to be patient and consistent over the long term.

However, this is one of the more conservative routes to take if you want to make money on Facebook.

Do come with some backing as you won’t get very far with a smaller investment.

6. Fundraisers


Where I’m from, fundraisers are still a thing.

I’m talking about car-washes, bar events, and other typical forms of activities that are used to raise money.

They are very common and are still a great way to make some money to cover the costs for a specific cause.

However, there is an even better place to do such a thing.

This place is called Facebook and, specifically, the internet.

Facebook has a fundraising page that you can use to raise some funds.

However, I would instead recommend GoFundMe and then use Facebook to promote it.

If you have not heard of GoFundMe, it’s time to get out from under that rock you’ve been living under for the last however many years you’ve been living.

There are millions of people willing to help with a cause of any kind, and they can find you on something like Facebook.

Create a GoFundMe account, tell others about it on Facebook, and you’ll be amazed at how much money you can raise from such a simple action.

7. Work for Facebook

Facebook is also a great company to land a new job. While that’s not exactly a way to make money – your new job will most likely pay (fingers crossed!).

For example, some are remote while others require you to live in a specific area. Others require a certain level of formal education or experience.

Facebook employees earn anywhere from $45k to $600k a year. So, if you’re looking for a full-time job, keep an eye out for postings that might fit your experience, education and interests.

Conclusion – Make Money On Facebook

It blows my mind thinking about how much money Facebook makes.

It’s beyond ridiculous.

Now, we can sit here and hate or admire how much money they bring in, or we can go out there and make something for ourselves.

The decision is yours.

I have laid out some of the ways that you can make money on Facebook, so use them.

Many will read this post, and many will do nothing about it.

Do yourself a favor and do the complete opposite.

Do you know another way to make money on Facebook? If so, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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Thanks for reading!

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