ibuumerang Review: Scam or Legit Travel MLM?

By John Cruz

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Everyone and their mothers have done an ibuumerang review, and I was not satisfied with the lineup.

Some crazy bait and switch marketers do most reviews, and its members, of course, do others.

There are probably two other honest ones, but they are not easy to find.

The point is that there is always going to be some sort of one-sidedness within those posts.

And that means there is going to be some kind of hidden or not so discreet agenda.

Now why in the world would I have the credibility to speak on whether or not something like ibuumerang is legit or probably a scam?

Well, besides the fact that I’ve been a part of every other travel MLM that disappeared, I was also in companies like Melaleuca and other, more solid MLM companies.

So although I am not a member of ibuumerang, I did take a very long and hard time thinking about joining.

With all the hype, I couldn’t just count this one out.

Without letting the crazy marketing get to me, I did decide to wait.

And then guess what happened?

The not so lovely Coronavirus came along and put a wrench in the travel industry.

If I was to signup at this point, you might as well call me crazy.

Not to say that ibuumerang isn’t “the one,” but it does make you think about what you are joining and what you will be promoting.

Is ibuumerang a company that adds value or even the savings it offers?

Or is this all hype and can be found if you did a simple search in Google?

There are many things to consider before you join any MLM company, and I want to explain those things within this ibuumerang review.

I’m not here to throw you a buumerang at you, but I would love to give you a better understanding of what might not be your best investment of money and, most especially, time.

So let’s see what is going on here and if this is a decent recipe on how to save money on travel and, most especially, how to make money with MLM.

ibuumerang Review – Product Overview


Name: ibuumerang

Owner: Holton Buggs

Website: www.ibuumerang.com

Price: $49.95 (standby)

Overall Rating: 2/5 stars

ibuumerang is first, a network marketing company, and then a saving portal on anything and everything related to travel.

The main goal and focus are on recruiting, and these are never the best things to make any impulse decisions.

And that’s what this review is going to provide.

Overall though, this is not going to be your sure bet at MLM success and is still going to be at the bottom of our recommendations of actual legit money-making opportunities.

What is ibuumerang?

Ibuumerang is a multilevel marketing company that caters to the trillion-dollar industry that comes in the form of travel.

They offer benefits that typically cater to a lifestyle and, most especially promoting that lifestyle.

And if you’re not familiar with that lifestyle, it comes in the form of vacations and living life like a rockstar, all while spending on rockstar things and getting savings on them.

  • Hotel rental
  • Car rental
  • Gift cards
  • Shopping rewards
  • Worldwide tours
  • Emergency travel services
  • Outdoor activities
  • Theme parks
  • Golf
  • Wine club

The company was founded by Holton Buggs, who is no stranger to the world of MLMs and network marketing.

Buggs was a part of AmeriSciences that was owned by his neighbor, Louis Gallardo.

But before that, Buggs and the owners of Organo Gold were facing a $3.4 million lawsuit with AmeriSciences.

They lost that case and eventually created Organo Gold, which had Buggs as its #1 earner.

I’m sure it helps when you’re neighbors with the owners, but obviously, that wasn’t enough for Buggs.

He was interested in making more that it also sparked an interest in promoting Crypto-based Ponzis.

He has jumped around from one MLM to another and could not figure it out before launching what we know as ibuumerang.

With the company utilizing things like “the trillion-dollar travel industry” and other marketing tactics, ibuumerang is first a network marketing company, and then a hub for travel-related products and services.

But with facts like how many people succeed with network marketing can tell you just how well an MLM can go with something like travel.

Sure, you can have trillions of dollars spent on any industry, but if it does nothing to fatten your wallet, what good is it?

That’s one thought to consider before we go any deeper into this ibuumerang review.

With that thrown out there, let’s see what you are even getting, for the not so low price to join ibuumerang.

The ibuumerang Products


In any business, a good, quality product is a must.

With ibuumerang, those products come in the form of discounts, coupons, and more travel-related savings.

This type of “product” is nothing new to the network marketing industry.

With David Manning’s Xstream Travel involved, you know you’re getting the same type of “products” that companies like Paycation used to run their business.

Before, of course, the water ran dry, and everyone eventually left in search of something else.

So about those ibuumerang products.

I have been a part of other travel MLMs, and that’s because of two things.

One, all the talk about how much money the travel industry rakes in, and two, the lifestyle it promotes.

What about the savings?

Let’s just say that almost every single person who joins ibuumerang is not going to be a frequent flyer.

They are going to come in here looking for a viable money-making opportunity, and that’s about it.

Sure they might use a discount in the very far future, but being that this is the same software from Dave, you can bet that most of these deals are not the greatest.

So being the once in a blue moon traveler, what good is the ibuumerang products?

How ibuumerang is Supposed to Work


When it comes to the network marketing industry, your goal is not necessarily to provide the best product.

That’s true, simply because we all know that MLM products are not the greatest.

These products exist for one thing.

And that is for the sole purpose of enticing and getting others to join.

Yes, it’s great that there are actual products that allow them to operate as a legitimate business, but what are your intentions?

What is your main, and probably only goal?

Because I know it isn’t to offer the best deals or any awesome products.

It’s 100% to get others to join so that YOU can make money.

Do you think those people you see on stage at one of those ibuumerang conventions are up there because they helped people save millions of dollars?

No, it’s because they got so many other people to join the ibuumerang opportunity.

That happens through your efforts, and most especially through the marketing the ibuumerang website already has.

And I can explain that from the ibuumerang homepage itself.

If you go through the motions, you can see that every single part of that one page on their website has a goal.

That goal is to get you excited, see some crazy numbers, and think that you can easily do it.

“Where would you go if you could pay 70% less?”.

Then we have the whole idea of sending someone your “free” website, they book travel, and you get paid.

All this looks pretty, but will it work, and will your customers get any real value?

I’m sure you see where this is going.

Take a look at this massive screenshot of the initial ibuumerang homepage, and you will see all the enticing nuggets that will try to lure in its prospects.


Will ibuumerang Work?

First, let’s consider what “work” means.

We have the product (savings), and then we have the formula to get others to join.

Like I mentioned earlier, these savings are nothing new, and they are also not going to be easy to find within their iGo platform.

They can show all the discounts on their site, but come time to use them yourself, and you’ll see that there aren’t any for the places you’ll be visiting.

So what does this leave you?

Nothing but a program to promote, which is the other part we are going to discuss next.

Will ibuumerang’s websites and marketing material sell the opportunity for you?

For complete newbs and anyone desperate, I can see it working.

So yes, the marketing is decent and will get others at least interested.

Thanks especially to the comp plan, that I will be discussing a little later in this ibuumerang review.

Now for the more seasoned marketers that recruit like a dang Army recruiter, this is especially beneficial.

All the newbs looking to live a better life will like the nice pictures provided on the site, along with the idea of making nice commissions from others.

Overall, these things can work, but is this legit in your eyes?

Maybe the actual cost and how much you can make will help with that decision.

The Price


How much do all the fantastic savings that ibuumerang has to offer cost?

How much do you think it’s worth?

Well, things wouldn’t be cute if the price tags didn’t come in the form of some kind of travel-related shenanigans.

With ibuumerang, the pricing comes as if you were dealing with a flight.

The first price puts you on “standby” and is going to cost you $49.

That class doesn’t do much for you as far as earning, but you can get others to join you before you make any serious commitments.

Consider that, because the very next price is not going to be chump change.

And we’re only sitting coach.

Coach class is going to cost you $250 and get you ten buumerangs and an increase in earning potential.

Business-class gets you 25 boomerangs, a chance to earn more, and will cost you $500.

Lastly, we have First Class.

For $1,000, you get 50 buumerangs and a chance at earning the most money as a member of ibuumerang.

Of course, you get to make more money along with the other incentives you see in the image above.

All classes are one-time payments, and this does not include the $99 monthly payment that is needed to be an active member.

The idea here is to get members to spend more and one that will have you thinking.

But for a thousand dollars?

This behavior is what you see when you deal with high ticket Ponzi-schemes like Digital Altitude that thought they could get away with their pay-to-play scheme.

So just remember that even if you can make thousands of dollars, it does not make a program legit.

The Compensation Plan


When it comes to MLMs, the good old comp plan is where almost all your focus will be on.

How can I get more leads, and how can I convert those leads to paying members?

It’s not, “how can I provide more value for those leads, and what else can I sell to them that could make their lives better?”.

I know it sounds like I’m very anti-MLM, but I’m more of a realistic kind of person.

As much as I prefer something like affiliate marketing over network marketing, I would still recommend an MLM over a regular old J-O-B.

I’m just not a fan of the idea of getting others to join you so that you can make money.

Anyways, an MLM would not be one if they didn’t have a compensation plan.

ibuumerang has one, and it’s the biggest reason why its members are active in their promotions.

Now I’m not going to sit here and talk about how much you will make if Joe joins Jill and Jill Joins Bill.

That’s ridiculous and one that you can easily find on the ibuumerang compensation plan page.

Better yet, let the owner explain the gist of the ibuumerang compensation plan.

What I Like About ibuumerang

Sometimes I might be too blunt about certain things, but it does not mean I hate a company.

I just believe that transparency is a must, regardless of whether or not you are a member or not.

Being in the middle, it’s always awesome to tell it like it is, without trying to avoid leaving out any faults.

But first, let’s some of the better things to look forward to, if you do decide to join ibuumerang.

ibuumerang is Fairly New

At the time of writing this ibuumerang review, the company isn’t even a year old.

I say this is a pro because travel MLMs are the least likely to last for more than five years.

If you are genuinely interested and want to make some kind of money, now is probably the best time to join ibuumerang.

Of course, you have to take the risk of the company losing momentum and shutting down, but that’s why there are other ways to start a home-based business.

Solid Compensation Plan

ibuumerang’s comp plan is up there.

With the fact that you can earn more money, that’s probably the only reason why I think this is even a company to consider.

Recruiting might not be for some, but for those that are into the whole network marketing side of things, this can be better than other MLMs.

I mean, you do have to purchase these products yourself before you can make anything, but the payout is better than a typical lotions and potions gig.

What I Don’t Like About ibuumerang


When it comes to any and every multilevel marketing company, there is usually the same stuff that turns me off.

They don’t impress me much, to begin with, but I still feel they need an explanation.

Without one and you might just feel like you’re about to embark on a journey towards financial freedom.

Pump the brakes, and let me tell you why ibuumerang might not be the best way to start a successful MLM business.

Still Requires Recruiting

MLMs will always be the same, regardless of what kind of products they sell or the service they provide.

To make any money with them, you need to get others to join.

So, in reality, you are doing nothing more than buttering up your family and friends so they can join and make you money.

That’s not the most legit and honest way to do things, and I think it’s pretty shady.

Then again, everyone is so immune to MLMs that I’m sure they know what you’re trying to promote.

This immunity is also the same reason why you will most likely come across something like ibuumerang through Facebook or other social media platforms.

If you were introduced to this by a “friend” on social media, you could see what I mean.

Kind of Pricey


Savings on hotels and other travel-related purchases are all over the dang internet.

Yeah, they say they will pay you 110% of the difference, but what does that even mean?

It means that if a flight costs $100, and you find a flight for $80 online, they will pay you $22.

Who wouldn’t pay such a tiny difference, when you have thousands of members paying millions of dollars?

That already sounds boring, but things get worse when they only honor hotel stays and car rentals.

Check out the fine print for yourself.

Now that sucks.

Once again, it looks great on paper.

But with a little research, you see that you’re not getting the deals you’re thinking.

Products Are Typical

Some of you might have seen other travel MLMs as there are (or should I say were) a lot of them out there.

I’ve been a part of Wake Up Now and another one called Pro Travel Plus.

These were some of the biggest travel MLM companies that existed, and they offered the same discounts and guarantees that ibuumerang offers.

Now guess where these two companies are?

They are both long gone, with its members being the biggest and probably the only losers.

So much for savings and being seen as some kind of rich traveler.

ibuumerang Complaints


As of now, there aren’t many complaints about ibuumerang with the Better Business Bureau.

I know it sounds impressive, but you have to remember that this company is still a baby.

Give it another year or two, and you will see more ibuumerang complaints.

There are representatives from the company that is there to clarify any of the complaints from its members.

Other than that, there aren’t any real products to make any statements.

And I have not heard much about anyone trying to use the discounts.

This lack of use is because everyone is on lockdown, though, so discounts are out there regardless.

Final Verdict of ibuumerang


At the very least, ibuumerang is not a scam.

It is legit, although some may see the MLM business model as a typical Ponzi scheme.

But with some kind of product or service, ibuumerang will be able to clear customs.

Another thing to take note of is the fact that Holton Buggs has been with the industry for decades.

He’s won, failed, and come back again and is as resilient as they come.

Now, of course, he will be the one making almost all the money, but we can’t hate on him.

Regardless, ibuumerang is not the worst, but it also is not the greatest.

Its members will say it is, but anyone who has experience with MLM will probably tell you otherwise.

Holton Buggs is not a scammer and has something for you to promote.

The decision is on you.

ibuumerang Review – Conclusion

Ibuumerang is nothing more than a recruiting-based business.

Get others to join you, and you can make some money.

Throw out them buumerangs, hope one gets drawn to the explanation of the business, and you can very much make something happen.

Besides that, the reality of MLMs and the amount of success is far-fetched.

I know all the hype is hard to resist, but I don’t think you should cave in.

Unless you’re familiar with network marketing and you’ve had success, will it be even something to consider.

If you aren’t into playing the recruiting game, this is not going to work for you.

Everything sounds great and all, but there are many network marketing companies out there.

And they all come with the same goal.

That goal, of course, is to get others not just to join but pay.

Either the $250, $500, or $1,000 packages will do, as long as you get paid.

Besides that, I hope this ibuumerang review has been of great help to you.

If you have any questions or looking to add your two cents, you can do so in the comments section below.

Now you tell me, is ibuumerang a legit opportunity, or just another hype that will soon pass?

What do you think?

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