Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam?

By John Cruz

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There are many thoughts and misconceptions about this company, and that is why I have put together this Cash Forex Group review.

They either tell you they are legit and try to recruit you or tell you that it is nothing more than a scam, just to dupe you into something else.

Whether it be the thought of getting you to join them or using some bait-and-switch marketing, you can’t help but be skeptical about a review.

Now, I’m not here to act like some kind of knight in shining armor either because I’m not.

I am, however, an online entrepreneur who has been a part of many sites like Cash Forex Group.

I’ve been with them since they used advertising as its products back in the day when Traffic Monsoon was killing it and then got killed.

I’ve been with them when they utilized cryptocurrency when Bitcoin first shot through the roof.

It is that same time when USI Tech exploded, making lots of people money.

USI Tech then imploded when the FTC exposed them as a Ponzi scheme.

That’s when mining became the service of choice.

Even today, I am still with them, now that they are using trading as their product/service.

Most new members will never understand how it all works, and that’s because they don’t know the history of these programs.

They see the trading, along with the fact that they are making money.

Put those two together, and all you can say is, “it works.”

There’s more that you need to know about before you go spreading the same news as everyone else.

So before you jump into the social media world, telling everyone how excellent this new trading company is, let me show you what you are joining.

Cash Forex Group Review – Product Overview

Cash Forex Group (CFX) $300


Cash Forex Group (CFX) is a network marketing business opportunity that utilizes the likes of trading in the forex market.




  • Payouts are lower (better for sustainability)
  • Has somewhat of a product
  • Requires a referral for you to join


  • Is operating outside the US
  • There’s no telling what can happen
  • Is not a real business
  • Is no longer paying

What is Cash FX Group?

Cash Forex Group Review

Cash FX Group is first a network marketing company and then a trading education platform that also “trades” on your behalf.

Founded by Huascar Lopez, Cash FX Group conducts business out of Panama City, Panama.

The company focuses on Foreign Exchange, which is also used by many other programs of its kind.

Sites like this rarely operate from the US, and that’s because they usually get slammed by the FTC.

Now when you use something like an app, programs like 1 Click Trading System can do it.

But then you come across all kinds of problems and wonder if you are getting any quality signals.

Cash FX Group?

Not so much.

However, they are the same, and I can explain both of them below.

How Cash FX Group Works?

It’s kind of hard to think that someone, let alone a whole company, would want to go out of their “secret” to making money.

I mean, is that something you believed?

Do you think that someone would just say, “Hey, you, let me have your money so I can trade it for you?”

Probably not.

Or better yet, heck no.

If someone was making money trading or doing whatever it is that they are doing, why in the world would they need or want you to be involved?

That makes zero sense and is why only a seasoned online entrepreneur can understand.

Maybe if they were teaching you how to start a money-making blog, then it would be different.

So how and why does Cash Forex Group even exist?

Trading is what they claim, and one that I have also tried myself.

Trading in any part of the industry is no easy task, regardless of what kind of education you receive on them.

I have traded cryptocurrencies and binary options and have even done some trading in the forex markets.

And I did it all without using something like Cash FX Group.

I’ve joined groups and paid fees for their expertise.

But with the many shady brokers out there, it’s beyond hard to come out on top.

Cash FX Group seems to have the solution, so let’s see what they have to offer.

Is There Any Real Trading With Cash FX Group?


As I mentioned earlier in this review, trading is what they claim, and that’s what they offer.

The issue at hand is not whether they are doing any trading but rather what types of results they are getting.

Is the money generated for its members coming through the trading?

Or is it through the investments of its members?

How is it even possible to come up with a 5%-10% return every week?

In the world of what we know as revshares, they use specific software to calculate earnings.

I’m not talking about the real deal revenue sharing business model, but the kind that involves recruiting and some services like trading.

Will They Pay?

The owners of Cash FX Group and every other revshare that I was a part of were all about their members.

They did not try to run with any money, and they paid their members when it was time to pay.

Okay, I take that back.

The software I spoke of earlier pays its members when it’s time to payout.

It calculates the amount every single day, and it will appear in your account.

Depending on whatever packs you purchased will determine how much money you will make.

But of course, they have all these packs that cost a different amount, which has you thinking they are trading with a higher amount of money when they’re not.

So yes, they will give you your money, as long as there is money to be provided.

Which, of course, is determined by its members’ investments.

I can almost guarantee you that very little (if any) of that money is coming from trading.

Do You Need to Recruit?

With tweets like that, you have “join me, so I can make money” written all over it.

And that’s not a problem.

However, some of you might have considered joining Cash FX Group because of the thought that you wouldn’t need to do any recruiting.

I mean, even if you were to start an MLM business, they would still tell you that you don’t need to recruit.

Does that mean it isn’t needed?

Of course not.

What do you expect when they throw in a cute little incentive?

An iPad or $700 cash?

Just for introducing a program that will allow someone else to make money?

Of course, you’re going to go out there and promote Cash FX Group like it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

What matters most is how much money you and the person you are enticing will make.

I will cover that soon, but let’s see how much it is to get involved with something like Cash FX Group.

The Price


I know I say this a lot, but just like other revshares, the pricing with Cash FX Group comes in the form of “packs.”

Each pack comes with earning potential and points that count towards your recruiting efforts.

The packs start at $300 and go as high as $100k.

Yup, that’s one hundred thousand US dollars.

Many other packs are in between those figures, and all offer a different return on investment (ROI).

To start with Cash FX Group, consider spending at least $300.

The Earning Potential With Cash FX Group

Can you make money with Cash FX Group without recruiting?

You sure can, but how much is more of the question.

If you were to purchase the lowest pack at $300, you could expect to make around $15/week or $60/month.

It’s way lower than the average revshare, and that’s because it has to be that way.

If you’ve ever joined a revshare back in the day, you can make that initial investment in under a month.

That was great and all, but it didn’t help with sustainability.

It is the same reason why revshares only lasted for about a year.

So if you were to join Cash FX Group without the intention of recruiting, your earning potential is not going to be the greatest.

Put on your recruiting hat, though, and you can make much more money.

The Compensation Plan (Recruiting)

Now making money without doing anything is cool.

But $60/month with a $300 investment does not sound the greatest.

So how do you doll it up a bit?

You recruit others.

That’s how.

Cash FX Group does have a sweet compensation plan that rewards you for your efforts.

This comp plan is also the same reason why anyone would even tell you about Cash FX Group in the first place.

Did you think they just bothered you on Facebook because they wanted you to make money?

Of course not, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Now bringing others into Cash FX Group allows you to make money through the same channels as you would with a multilevel marketing business model.

Some refer to it as a Pyramid scheme due to its structure.

But all that structure means is that you can earn from other people that were recruited by others.

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you how much you will make if Joe signs Jill and Jill joins Joe.

If you want to better understand the Cash FX Group comp plan, check out the video above.

Pros & Cons

Of course, every company has its pros and cons, and Cash FX Group is no different.

What makes it different is the style of business they are running.

It is not the most trusted and probably not sustainable, regardless of whether we want it to last forever.


The one thing that I did appreciate is how the company only allows you to join through another member’s link.

Doing so allows the little guy to earn a commission, but it also solidifies the fact that this is merely recruiting-based.

It’s a love/hate type of deal, and it takes an exceptional brain to join something like Cash FX Group.

Is Cash Forex Group a Scam?

This part of the review is where the more pressing questions come into play.

Should I join Cash FX Group?

Will I get in trouble?

Is this a Ponzi scheme?

There are many answers, and the argument will never end when it comes to its members and realists.

Without trying to step on any toes, let me try to explain.

Let me give you the best possible explanation on this, without being too sweet and not trying to get my head chewed off by its members.

To me, Cash FX Group is not a scam.

They aren’t here to take your money, and they will at least try to keep things afloat.

Staying afloat also requires a meager payout every month.

With the whole trading and education deal, of course, I think that is nothing more than an excellent way for the company to stay under the radar.

So no, Cash FX Group is not necessarily a scam.

But a Ponzi scheme?

You’re a big boy (or girl), and I’m sure you can make that decision on your own.

Will it Last?


Cash Forex Group may be paying now, but there is no way that this, or any other company of its kind, will last.

Regardless of whether they are trading or not, the main workhorse behind everything is, and will always be, its members.

With the payouts being so low, it allows the company to buy lots of time before any panic occurs.

Unlike in the past, revshares paid as much as 10%.

That higher payout made you quick cash, but in just a year, the business eventually collapsed.

Cash FX Group is coming up on a year, so you can expect it to last a lot longer than most.

Maybe this is a good time to invest?

Maybe it’s not.

Cash Forex Group Review – Conclusion

Cash FX Group is nothing more than a recruiting-based program, and that’s it.

Get others to join, keep things going, and everyone will make money.

Once the newer members stop coming in, be prepared for some excuses.

These are high-risk programs, and there is no guarantee that you will make any money, or even get your initial investment back.

That’s the nature of the beast, and there’s no way around it.

I’m sure its members will disagree with some of the stuff I have to say, and that’s okay.

Nothing is perfect, and no one is either.

And if they’ve put money into anything, you can’t help but defend that investment.

At the very least, you can bet that I have given you the most honest Cash Forex Group review out there.

And I’m sure a lot of you can agree.

If you enjoyed this post and felt you got some great value, please do like and share it.

And, if you are looking for a legit way to make money online, don’t forget that you can always sell other people’s products using the affiliate marketing business model as I do.

Now you tell me, is Cash FX Group worth the risk?

Update: 08-2023

This is an update to this review.

I felt indebted to all my readers on this topic. If you’ve gotten to this point without reading the comments below, I suggest you read them.

As many have already commented, there have been no more payments in more than 12 months from CFX. The website is still live, but if you try to navigate between pages, all of them load the same home page.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for future updates on Cash FX Group and future money-making opportunities.

210 thoughts on “Cash Forex Group Review: Is CFX Legitime or a Scam?”

      • I’ve been a part of Cashfx for 2 months now and it’s been great thus far. The theory that, “ no more members = no more profits for Cashfx” isn’t necessarily true.

        The commissions off the trading is where they make their money. That and breakage in a network.

        Although the profit may slow down potentially, having somebody come in on a $500 contract and somebody upgrading from a $500 to a $1000 would logically yield the same return for Cashfx commission wise.

        The trading works, and therefore I believe the system has enough cash flow to stay up for the foreseeable future.

        I would like your opinion on this if at all possible.

        • Thanks for the comment Tristan and I would love to share what I know about this site along with the many others that utilize this whole “trading” craze. I have explained a lot of how this works within this review but I don’t mind saying it again, lol.

          The business model that Cash FX uses is nothing new and trading is nothing but their choice of product/service. Back in the day, it was advertising and mining of cryptocurrency. Those didn’t fly with the FTC and they eventually got smashed. Cash FX is no different but this time they are using “trading”.

          Is there any trading? Maybe, maybe not, but why would anyone want to share their strategies and/or profits with anyone if they were doing so well? No one is that generous, and as I said, this is nothing but a way to have some kind of product.

          Now with the way they are able to pay its members consistently is also very simple. There is a software that does all the paying and distribution of funds. With such a slow rate of paying (one point whatever percent) the system is able to maintain a steady stream of payments to its members. Before, payments went as high as 5% daily that people made more money at a much faster rate. These days, they slowed everything down to extend the life of what we know as a revshare or an HYIP.

          Now, as long as this thing is controlled and doesn’t head into the millions and millions of dollars, you can earn and nothing will get shutdown. If this goes viral and everyone and their mothers get involved, you can bet that it will sound some alarms.

          I’ve been doing this type of stuff for years now and I’ve followed them since then. I’ve made money, lost money, and of course, I’ve seen the many changes. Cryptocurrency and trading is the hottest thing right now though, and that’s why you’ll see them all over the place.

          Do I recommend them? I can’t say yes and I can’t say no as these programs are very complicated in that department. They can make you money, but does that mean they are legit? There are just too many things to consider that the final decision is going to be up to you. I hope this helps Tristan!

          • I guess you must not know that CFX is spending millions of dollars for lawyers that are working on becoming complient within the USA and the fact that you claim they not oporating in the US is very very misleadeing as if to say no conmpanies in othere parts of the world are legit because they do not oprate in the USA..
            I also find you have blinders on as there are folks in this world who really want to help others this company is doing just that now in over 180 countries.

            You forgot to mention that this company has spent close to 3 million dollars for there 10,000 sq ft corporate headquarors in Panama which holds a complete wall of computor screens showing there differant trading pairs trading pairs.

            You also fail to mention that the owners are both multi millionares before they even thought of forming this company.
            and lastly you forgot to mention that the brokers FX everfx are doing the trading have been in business for over 20 years and are licened all over the world

            I am guessing you do not relly understand the mathematics of the CFX system because one really does not have to recruit as the company can stop the recruiting system anytime and the system will operate for years with everyone eventually become very rich.

          • Oh, I completely understand EVERYTHING Bernie. Do you? Do you really think that some millionaire would want to “help” you make millions by charging you such a low fee? Well I think I have gone over that enough and I’m sure I know what I’m talking about. But in the end, I hope that everyone who puts money into CFX at least gets what they put in. Will they pay? Of course, they will, AS LONG as newer members keep coming in. I’m not trying to bash anyone as most of the readers on this blog know that I, myself put money into companies like CFX. So, I really don’t see what the problem is. I’m just being transparent so that everyone knows what they are getting involved with. If you think there’s some company doing trading on your behalf, then that’s awesome. If you’ve ever done any real trading, you will know that regardless of how great of a trading day you are having, there is no way that you can win each and every single day. If that were the case, we would all be rich! A little thinking will take you a long way within the online space Bernie.

          • Your review is most appreciated. I am based in South Africa and bought the $300 package which is equivalent to R5000 in our currency. In two months I’ve made the money back. The same amount of money invested in our local banks does not yield even a tenth in a year. CFX gives new $10 a week and if you’re a seasoned trader, I believe you can make much more in a day. You omitted some crucial info in your review, e. g. each member is charged 20%on all withdrawals across all packages and this amount is used to pay bonuses. You’re correct in saying no rich person shares their secret, but all rich have one thing in common :OPM(other people’s money). From my $300 they probably double it trading daily and give me $10,but the $10 beats what the banks offer!

          • John, your “who would teach others to trade for free” argument doesn’t hold true imho. Websites like Forex Factory, (no affiliation) have traders discussing their strategies and posting live or post movement trades. You have all flavours from marketers who entice potential candidates with free trade calls for a while to traders calling trades for free for years and everything in between. Then there’s YouTube, Vimeo, Google. Not all material is intentionally free, but it’s out of here if folk want to make the effort and don’t expect to be spoon fed.

            As for CashFX, I’m a member. I can say people high up in the their structure don’t know for sure how they are making their returns. I honestly don’t know if they even care. Those who got in early and have multiple down-lines, believe in it. Those who have yet to make a realised profit on their original investment and struggling to withdraw funds, maybe not so much. CashFX stated multiple users sharing single BTC accounts as the withdrawal backlog issue -which seems to be mostly resolved now.

          • Nothing is ever free Steve, lol. Being on platforms like Forex Factory is already the way you are “paying” them, and providing the free advice is like any other business out there that does the same. It happens if you were to make money using affiliate marketing with sites like Amazon and others. They give you advice, you sell their products.

          • I am going to reply to Bernie.

            As a veteran trader I like be watching feeds like this. I am amazed how people just puke up what they have been told with no solid evidence to back it up.

            CIMA which they are supposedly regulated with has no history of the broker Ever FX.

            the site says they have been in business since 2013. I would check the site registries.

            Have you actually been in this 10k sqft building with the computers? That’s a great noble claim but as a trader the only thing that matters is the trade log.

            Every platform has a trade log. I have personally asked the Canadian marketing director for FX if he has ever seen the trade log. He has not. Have you?

            I have witnessed 3 years of daily profits without a loss day. Goldman sachs can’t even do this. This is the first Red flag.

            No public trade book with public trades money. Red flag.

            I run a trading education platform. We don’t touch peoples money. What we do do is educate individuals how to vet a broker/platform. If you dig deep enough you will find CFX is set up with a compensation sharing business model. Unless you can provide a trade log, YOU ARE NOT TRADING.

            Learn how to Vet. Than you never need a testimony to make a decision.


      • Thank-you for this review. I have been researching this and your review is the first one that actually explained what my intuition was telling me after watching a presentation. The “prize incentives” at the end of the presentation that was a big red flag after several others. I would rather take my 300$ and donate to a good cause. Again, your review was much appreciated.

      • Hi John,
        Your review is surely the few better ones I’ve come across.
        Hope you can look into Atomy, it’s no quick money but honest way of building admirable passive income by being a smart consumer????

      • Hi John

        Hey mate thank you for your review, I can now make an inform decision on joining the HYPE with CFX. Got to be willing to take risks when going into these types of platforms I know too well it can go south. Have invested money, time and bitcoin into a few platforms myself, made some, totally lost some. Learning curb for me is, get in, watch it then get out I say. Still up for investing else where if you have any recommendations?

    • A friend of mine sent me info on this company and I’m doing my due diligence. I watched the videos and got piqued. But after reading your review, I got concerned.
      This sounds so much like USI Tech.
      You keep on increasing your investment so you’ll earn more.
      If members are being paid from recruiting, it will also crash and burn in the future.
      But do you have proof that the payout doesn’t come from trading?

      • Hi Becca,
        There are 80.000 members who have a Trading/education package. When you calculate the pay out against the members who join it will never add up. So they must be earning money out of trading. Most people join with a 300 dollar package and never put any more money from themselves in but that one time. It is possible without using the MLM earnings to grow your trading account to 100K without putting any extra money in. The just upgrade from their trade earnings. You can also spend it and leave with the money you earned.
        You can also wait until november/december then they will launch also copy trading outside CashFx. Then there is no doubt whatsoever that they are really making money trading. Good luck with your decision.

    • Hello John. I appreciate your unbiased review on this matter. But what about the fact that they do really trading? I’ve watched the video of the company’s grand launching in Panama. Indeed, they have a legit broker because the CEO of EverFX, the award winning broker, attended and introduced in that event. How could they (everfx) possibly partnered with a fraud company if they will put their name and dignity at stake? On the question, why would they disclose their secrets in trading success? Well, a lot of successful professional traders are doing that also as part of their platform to earn more money. Wouldn’t it be favorable to them to have more investors for the purpose of making a lot of capital in trading? The bigger the capital, the bigger the profit. And for the CFX CEO, Huascar Lopez, did he ever involved in a fraud business? The last time I checked, he is also a respectable businessman in his own country.

      • Oh, I’m sure no one wants to be known as a fraudster and that’s not what the owners of these sites aim to do. The problem lies in the uncertainty on whether or not others will join to allow payments to continue. I too have seen the videos and of course, it looks great. Now, why wouldn’t any trader take their profits and re-invest it, if they were doing so well? I’m not against these sites and I actually favor them more than most, but I am just letting everyone know from my experience. It’s information you can use to your benefit but the final decision is always going to be on you. Hope this helps!

        • I’ve read your review with interest and curiosity.

          The most interesting part is that you believe your own assumptions.

          Is it really trading your money?

          Maybe, maybe not,, you wrote.

          What is that based on? Please don’t answer that.

          You can’t know because your due diligence is based on you being a seasoned entrepreneur.

          A seasoned entrepreneur also has a money story.

          Your review is not honest and transparent. How can it be honest?
          Did you use lawyers? Or hack into their servers?

          It can’t be transparent because you have no proof of what you are alleging.

          What I find intriguing is that You don’t even question your own assumptions.

          Your claims are all assumptions and saying that you know or just know doesn’t prove anything.

          All you have done here is build your review around your imagined conjectures and assumptions.

          You doubt people’s intentions and generosity, you must really have no faith in people and that’s sad.

          You have found an answer to every question that all the doubters have asked because you are so convinced by YOUR OWN story.

          It is a made up story. Every single line in your review is conjecture and a lie which you believe.

          Unfortunately, like you there are many people who have a bad money story and believe reviews like this.

          The fact is that you don’t know how this company operates. You don’t know anything about their vision and why they want to help people.

          A trading company, in this case everfx
          stands to lose everything if they do business with fraudsters.

          You have an answer for that too, it’s unbelievable how people don’t realize the extent to which they believe their own assumptions and then write about it to ‘warn’ others about their own assumptions.

          Wow John.

          • Thank you Diane for a common-sense no-nonsense review. At least someone has the courage to speak the truth…

          • Very well said Dianne!
            I have read so many negative reviews on CashFX, but not one of them have given proof. If I had found a simple way to make myself, and everyone else rich, I would be sharing it with everyone too.
            I have also read the ASIC warning for Australia, and it also has no black and white proof, other than the fact CFX is not licensed to give financial advice, or provide financial services within Australia.
            All the negative reviews so far appear to come from disgruntled ex members and those with either an axe to grind, or an alternative programme to offer.
            I have yet to find a report that is backed by indisputable facts.
            Unfortunately CashFX haven’t answered any of the questions raised by the doubters. Maybe this is a smart thing to do. Focus on the positives, and build the business, helping everyone to be successful!

          • People believe what they want to believe based on their own experiences or the experiences of others. I appreciate all the reviews that I’ve read here in this forum. Why, because it gives you something to think about. I’m a very analytical person and reading CXF post on social media have raised a red flag to me as a potential member in USA once they open. This forum / review by John made me understand a little bit more. I’ve been down this road before. For example, one sentence that was in a post regarding Phase II of the company, said “Canada and USA to re-open in phase 2”. What does re-open mean? That it once existed, but doesn’t exist at this point. Something must have happened! So what John is saying makes a lot of sense.

            I believe his intentions are very pure and appreciated bye most. That is the purpose of reading reviews. Everyone doesn’t see things the same for their own reasons. I would rather someone educate people to what the possibilities are rather than just allowing people to possibly be blindsided. At least give people the tools necessary to make better decisions or know what they may be getting into.

    • Hi John, thanks for the review. I was looking for where to add my comments, couldn’t find so replying to this one, heard about cashfx from family and my 1st thought was another pyramid business which absolutely hate more than the devil himself, watched one presentation and yes another MMM scam that left people who got involved penniless. The simple truth about this is you Rob Paul to pay Peter, and if Peter can’t Rob anyone, he goes hungry and eventually dies. I also looked on Google and saw soany threads on CFX,as a UK citizen any financial business not regulated by FCA should be a warning, yeah I know the govt likes a piece of the action but not when the business is not sound. The second thing I found out is the owners are Panamanians. If $hit hits the fan where in Panama would you go look? Thier website looks like a phishing website too. Like you said small interest equals longevity. My mind keeps thinking the people behind it are tge same as MMM or atleast study thier scheme and modified it. MMM dissappeared like 2-3yrs ago and CFX just started not too long ago. I rather buy crypto with $300 and hope it bull run in the future. Someone mentioned that cfx is backed by a Spanish company, is there proof? I was also told CFX is trading through a regulated company which I can’t find. Anyways life is all about taking risk, but if the result of the risk is there in your face before taking it, would you still do it?

      • Yeah man, there are and will always be that type of stuff about companies like this. “Backed by a legit company”, “is doing actual trading” (with proof), and the list goes on. What you need to do is ask yourself one simple question. Would someone really need your money to trade with them if they were already successful? I don’t think anyone is in the business of giving away free money. Period. But even at that, I still lay it out in this review about how this can still benefit someone who is willing to take the risk. Can you make money with Cash FX Group or other “trading” sites? You sure can. Is it legit and is there any real trading? Probably not but it’s still on you to make that decision. I’m glad you’re doing your research and you actually understand how everything works though Marko as not many can do the same. And to answer your question about risk, let’s just say that I have been apart of MANY sites like this in the past and I still dabble in some of them. The type of risk that comes with CFX is not really on whether or not they will continue to pay. They can be paying today but tomorrow everything can stop. I do hope that you have found something that works for you Marko and please keep me posted on your journey.

        – John

        • So your premise is that multi millionaires will never help others become multi millionaires right? And because of that it HAS to be SCAM right?

          • Did I say anything is a scam here Ricardo? I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Personally, I think programs like CFX are fair and can make you some money. However, I do believe that others should know how it works before they get involved. Is that a problem Ricardo?

        • Hi John

          I am with cfx last 8 months and my income is something makes me grateful to Lopez!

          Your review was neutral and
          Important thing to find out ,” are they really doing Trading and really making enough profit “
          That is important question you and me have and it made good respect on you.

          But the one thing put you down is that you missed to understand that “ if Lopez uses $1B in trading he will earn more chunk of it compared to investing just $1M – so he doesn’t need to be generous to share it- He earns more while more of us invest and earn “ simple!
          I hope you will accept it if eco is not putting your reliability down !

          Also please advise/ suggest me any reliable online investment opportunity, I will appreciate it.

          Thanks John

          • Hey Cheran, thanks for the comment. In regards to the $1B investment, there is no guarantee you will make any profit just because you put money in. In fact, trading is beyond complicated and winning a trade is as good as flipping a coin regardless of your trading knowledge. It’s a huge gamble and it’s not something where you put money in and it comes back double. It just doesn’t work that way. So yea, he’s not generous and that’s not how this operation works.As far as opportunities, there are several legit ones but they do require a lot of work. What kind of time and money are you looking to invest/make?

      • EverFX (regulated by FCA) is partnered to Cashfx. They trade for Cashfx. Also in cashfx, under the academy, they teach you how to do the trading yourself. Eventually you can just trade thru EverFx on your own. And that’s one benefit of joining Cashfx too.

      • CashFx is partnered by EverFX (regulated by FCA). EverFX does the trading for CashFx. Cashfx doesn’t need to be regulated by FCA because it doesn’t do trading. You can look up EverFx online.
        Also one benefit of being a Cashfx member is you get to learn how to do trading yourself (thru their academy). Eventually, you can just trade on your own thru EverFX (their partner).

          • Bingo 99% of people joining CFX dont trade and dont realize its MLM and dont realize the payments come from others joining and as you have already said there is not a person on earth that can trade and have winning day every day the markets open (and for the last 2 years ) now that being said there must be a certain level of % returned to members gained from trading or the presentation is a bigger fraud than Bernie Madoff
            i read everything you have suggested here I have been explained the system of pay in and expected pay out and just seems extremely hard to believe I can put 100K us in and get $ 160K us in one year ? IF this was/is in fact true why would not everyone do this ? I mean seriously if the cash FX was really for real the government should be using this system to take the burden off tax payers

          • The problem is that they are using funds from others without providing an actual product (with proof) and getting people to consistently pay at a rate without anything slowing down, causing everyone to run to the next best thing.

      • Yes. Have been researching this company and red flags all over the place, especially when they showed the “prizes” at the end of the presentation. Also it’s in Panama – yikes! Thank-you John for a very educational review that validated my concerns, questions and decision not to “invest”. The angry feedback by those who have invested is interesting. Anger comes from fear so there must be a “niggling”.

      • The owners are not Panamanians. They are from The Dominican Republic. Huascar Lopez is also a US citizen and lives in the US. The company is not backed or owned by a Spanish Company. It is owned by the founders. CFX trades through multiple brokers but the main broker is EverFX.

    • None of the information in this review is accurate. cashFX is far from a revsharing platform. There is real trading. You can see if all in the back office and you don’t have to recruit a single soul in order to be successful. The company pays returns on your own money that’s being traded. not sharing profits of everyone coming in. So no collapse will ever happen.

      Other than that, can’t really take a review serious when the author of the review pitched his own product multiple times throughout the review.

      This is nothing but a clickbait site to try to steal marketshare.

      • What did I pitch “multiple times” Rudy? And if someone was to trade and win every single day, why in the world would then want to trade for someone else? Wouldn’t they just up their trades and make more money for themselves? I’m sorry to say but people are not that nice, especially in this day and age. There’s always a hidden agenda when it comes to “make money” sites, so please don’t be gullible and at least understand how a business operates. Please. And if you know how REAL trading works, you will know that it is no walk in the park. You win some and you lose a lot and that’s just how it is. Now, to be on top every single day is unheard of. But this amazing company can do it for us? Yeah right!

        • From what i know, they make money everytime you withdraw your money. They take 20% of your earnings. If someone is trading, and you trade other people’s money, the way to earn is to get commission out of their earnings. That’s business too. And yeah, their partner is EverFX, who does trading for them. Also being a member, you can learn from their academy how to trade and eventually trade on your own thru EverFX. And yeah, EverFX earns money too whenever you trade using their platform.

        • John, I agree with a lot that you have said throughout the reviews. With the exception of people aren’t that nice. I do disagree with that statement. Why do I say that, because I am. If I find a way to get ahead, I’m sharing it with others, especially the ones I care about. I have a very very kind heart and that has been a pro and con for me throughout my life. I believe because of my kindness and generosity God has always provided me with what I needed. Although I didn’t always have what I wanted. People will always disappoint God will never.

      • your extremely naïve if u seriously believe that the profits being paid back are all gained on a daily stock market trades

      • It all depends Francis. You can go with how long before people stop joining or when some kind of legal action is taken. I can’t really say, but the time will definitely come.

        • Three years on John. 340,000 members globally and still growing.
          MasterCard now on board so money is easily accessible and a British Billionaire now on board.
          Question John, now that you have written this review as a result how many people have joined
          your scheme? 🙂

          • So are you saying that CFX is paying again? I’ve heard from its members that they stopped paying, so I’m curious to know what the status is on CFX. Please do share Gerald…

        • John I agree. I involved myself with a group called the three Hebrew Boys based out of Columbia, South Carolina. I went to a presentation where there were a lot of people. I was referred by a friend who also joined. It all seemed legit because there were no negative reviews and everyone was getting the products that they paid for. However, the Federal Government stepped in and shut it down. They recognized and deemed it a Ponzi scheme, shortly before I was due to begin receiving my payouts. I was upset with the federal government because there were no casualties, nothing that showed proof that it was a scheme. The federal government had contacts set up for members involved with this company to ask questions and etc. what they said when I spoke with them, made a lot of sense. Of course it doesn’t seem like a scheme when everyone is winning and people are constantly joining. But once the slow down of new members start so will the payouts. So in the long run more people will lose. I lost a lot. The Federal Government liquidated their assets over time (known & hidden) to at least give people Back as much of their money as possible (for those who were not paid out already).

  1. I’m still thinking and the blog is indeed very honest and logic.
    On the other hand, what could happen in worst case senario: If you invest 300 dollar, you get back about 200 dollar in a few months. so maybe loose 100 dollar and some facebook friends : ). I’m I right?

    • That is right Carl. Like it says in the review, you can make money but there are no guarantees. As long as newer members are coming in, the system will be able to pay its members. Once that stops, and so will all earnings.

      • Just curious, is it even possible for a company like this who offer wins on trading ur money to exist?
        And is creating a system or model to continuously generate at least 1% a day winning in FOREX trading really impossible?

        From what ur saying any sort of network marketing or MLM business model can not be a support system to an existing proven product. And will fail when no one signs up. Isn’t that true for any business that it would fail if no customers are joining.

        On the fence about this .. I already signed up for 300$ but skeptical about referring people because there are a few people as yourself who are writing articles that title “Is Cashfx a scam?”

  2. Thought I would give it a try – thank you for the detailed breakdown. At least Im making an informed decision now 🙂 be it good or bad.
    Many thanks,

      • Hi John
        Can you please check up on a South African registered company called MTI ( Mirror Trading International)
        Lots of loyal & happy investors including me, however controversial and been in the news lately, but seem to be rock solid!!

        • I actually put some money in Mirror Trading International Leon. They are nothing different from CFX, so you can refer to the review and some of my comments for exactly what MTI is. MTI does pay very, very slowly, so that’s their strategy to keep things going for a while. However, only time will tell how long that will last.

          • Well as you muted MTI went down at the end of 2020 – 200,000 members lost their bitcoin overnight. It’s what happens to these types of programs. Thanks for your info John.

          • Ok you say why would anyone give away their secrets? Would you rather trade with $10,000 of your own or say 200 million? Now if they made say 1% for the day, they give the members 0.8% and they get the cream. So they’re making a crap load from our money while we all make money too!! And you joined MTI and you’re trying to give advice on other platforms, Bahahaha

          • Why do you guys feel the need to act like you know what you’re talking about when you have no clue as to what you’re in? That’s all I want you to explain John, not what you think you know about CFX or making money online.

  3. Great review , had two approaches this week to join, but not going for it.
    Have you looked at , another one I was asked to join this week.???

    • Crowd 1 is very much like Cash FX Group Colin. Now if I were to choose between the two, I would go with Cash FX. There are hundreds of these sites out there my man and they all operate the same way. Get in at the right time and you can make some money but of course, there is always that risk. As of right now, they are both still paying but that will all be determined by the members that come in. Hence the reason you had “two approaches”, lol. The risk is on you though, so do work within your means and what you are able to do.

      • Hi John. Have you done any research on mymicro profits? If so what is your honest feedback on it. Also which will you choose between Cash fx and my micro profits?

    • Colin:

      Ted Nuyten and the team at Business For Home have recently put this forth.

      • Do proper study before commenting because when u look at it it’s like MLM scheme, recruiting more members get fast bonus n other incentives, but other side company is transparent in payout. Please do more due diligence homework before commenting. I have joined since 6 month’s n attend seminar many times including the key person from casfx attend n brief to the audience. If this is scam or fake the authorities will act to closed the business entity. Only thing I know no central bank in the country will regulate n licence them due high risk in business. Tq

      • I joined today and listened to their webinars. Thank you John for your review and like the mantra of investments risk says only invest the amount you can afford to lose. There were new members who started with $30000 and $10000 and as long as people are bold enough to invest such amount they may last for a few years.

        Life is a gamble and only the brave enjoys the ride.

        • Thanks John for the enlightenment. And Paul, your reply is the most sensible i think – i specially like “invest only the amount you can afford to loose”, after all, life is a gamble and only the brave enjoys the ride – so very true! Cheers to us all – gamblers ????

  4. I have been pitched on CFX many times and turned it down

    It’s worth remembering that I Markets Live were offering Copy Trading. That ended when the FTC took offence as they were prospecting US Citizens but were not authorised or licensed to sell securities. Prospecting US clients in way this will land you in trouble. Not worth the risk.

    When you invest with a Forex Trading company typically you are making a deposit into a regulated and compliant broker. I use IC Markets for example. Sometimes companies will allow you to use your preferred broker or use their broker as they receive commissions from the broker. The model can be a trade copier software or maybe a PAMM or MAM model.

    In these situations you are depositing your money into the broker and only you can deposit or withdraw funds, so you have complete control.

    With CFX they mention their broker EverFX but as far as I ascertain your money is paid direct to CFX when you invest not into the broker.

    This means they have total control of your money and there is no transparency on how much of your money is invested or traded.

    If they are collecting your money they should also have a money licence unless they use a 3rd party payment processor but its unlikely they would accept bank card as they would fearful of chargebacks.

    There is no 3rd party verification of trading, they are using MT4 and as anyone who is in the Forex Community understands when you plug in tools like MYFXBOOK or FXBLUE they show you how profitable the trading is, it takes 5 mins to set this up, they have been asked but they have not complied, why is this so complicated ?

    They are probably trading but the question remains are they trading in the way the marketing and business model suggests they are and is it sustainable, time will tell on that one

    • Hi John
      Have you heard about Continental miners. I invested funds in August 2020. Profits were paid daily. In October the Bot seized. They said were could withdraw in Dec 2020,they then said there is legal case cos. People complained. We didn’t hear from them again .

      • Never heard of them Ang but that’s a very typical response and excuse from sites like that. Just be careful with your money and invest only if you have the means to do so and if you’re willing to lose that investment.

  5. I am a serious investor and always do a significant amount of research and due diligence before committing funds to any project or opportunity. I always throw business models and compensation plans around for days. Think about them looking for cracks and weak spots. The last two days I have been researching CashFX as a potential investor. So here are a few of my observations. In June 2020 their trading return was 25%. Sounds great doesn’t it but is it as good as it looks?

    Did you know that when you invest you immediately lose 30% of your investment under the guise that it goes on paying for the trading training/learning package. 30% is a MASSIVE cost to you. Furthermore, and even more worryingly, that 30% does not actually go towards your trading/learning package. Instead 15% of your WHOLE INVESTMENT actually goes to the person who referred you. 15% is a huge amount of commission to be paying anybody. The other 15% of our WHOLE INVESTMENT 15% goes to membership bonuses. So 30% of your whole investment goes into feeding the rewards and bonuses of your up line. Sorry to say this but when a persons actual investment or part of their investment is used to pay rewards/bonus to other members then that is flirting within the definition of a Ponzi. The fact that they also generate from trading will not change this.

    So the passive investor puts in his money. Immediately loses 30% of it. Trading profits are therefore only paid on 70% of his investment. 25% trading profit on a 7-% investment is a lot less than it would be on 100% of the investment. In fact after one month the investor will still be out running at a loss.

    Losing 30% of your investment upfront is quite hard to swallow. If that isn’t enough then you also lose another 20% at the end when you withdraw your investment. Again this goes towards paying members rewards and bonus. Your investment and your money is being taken to feed the existing members. That is certainly a highly questionable practice which I have concerns about.

    CFX claims to make very good returns from trading forex. This may or may not be true because there is a lot they do not tell us. How big is the trading fund? Details of the actual trades? How much profit is really being made? How is that profit shared? Does all of it go to members? What % does CFX keep? I cannot find answers to these anywhere. So where is the transparency really? Make no mistake CFX are making a lot of money somewhere but none of that information is available for scrutiny. Where do they make it? What %s are they taking? I should not have to ask these questions.

    I have watched a few videos of some of the successful people involved. They often said ‘I don’t really understand it or know how it works but I keep getting paid and my returns are good’. Doesn’t it ring alarm bells when people who have moved up the ranking actually do not understand it? It certainly did for me.

    CFX would seem to be lucrative for those building teams. However, my understanding is that the rewards are generated from investment money coming in (30%) and going out (20%). This certainly raises questions and concerns for me.

    It is important for people to be given options so that they can make an informed decision. I may just add that I am invested in Mirror Trading International ( because it ticks all my boxes. There are none of the concerns expressed above. At Mirror Trading International:
    • You always retain 100% of your investment (no deductions for anything)
    • Your full investment goes into the trading pool automatically. Forex trading profits and shared daily.
    • Forex trading done for you using highly specialized and managed AI software, designed to maximize profit and minimize risk.
    • Your investment and earnings are compounded daily (the 8th wonder of the world working for you).
    • 10 month track record of generating daily profits averaging 0.5% (9-11% per month). [Note: past performance is no guarantee of future performance].
    • No charges, fees, subscriptions or deductions – ever.
    • No lock ins or contracts
    • Withdraw your bitcoin anytime. Withdrawals processed Monday to Friday.
    • Suitable for both passive and active investors (optional referral program available)
    • All bitcoin are held by a AAA rated international forex broker, kept in cold storage and insured.
    • 10% direct referral fee bonus is available to all investors. This is an easy, quick and lucrative way to accumulate bitcoin. The best part – MTI pays you 10% of the amount invested out of their own profits. (It does not come out of the investment or members profit share).
    • This opportunity is about GIVING. You take or receive nothing from those you refer. All you do is give them an opportunity grow bitcoin, accumulate bitcoin, and generate passive income in a safe, legal and ethical manner.

    So if you are looking for a good alternative join us at

  6. “I can almost guarantee you that very little (if any) of that money is coming from trading.”

    Do you have evidence to back this statement up or is it just opinion?

    • Of course, I can’t prove that Grant as I am not living with any of the owners. However, I do know how these types of sites operate. I’ve been apart of them for years and I follow those that are involved. I have put money in, made some back, and lost it in the process. Then you can simply look at trading in itself. Would you take my money and trade it for me? Do you really think that a company is willing to take hundreds and thousands of people’s money to trade for them because they just want them to make more money? Of course not. And if they knew how to win more trades, why wouldn’t they just use their own money? It is what it is man, and as I stated in this review, it is very complicated to those that are just new. Not to mention the many other sites that also trade for you and have now disappeared. Make sense?

      • Can you do a review on Accelerated capital Firm? It is I. GUYANA south America. They are doing the same thing, however you get 40% on your returns every month.

        • That’s definitely way too high of a return Max, which is already a red flag. However, I will look into this for you regardless. Do you have a link to that site though?

          • I love Bitcoin! However, almost all money-making sites these days are utilizing it to stay under the radar. They use it as their payment method of choice because they are most likely running a ponzi-scheme or something that doesn’t sit so well with the legal side of running a business. Besides that, I like the way it’s used and I like how it’s an investment in itself. What do you think about it Luyanda? Have you used it? Has someone introduced it to you?

          • hey John I really enjoyed your insight into CFX…some of the replies also had some good point of views…I think it would be quite naive of anyone too believe such returns will last forever…as of the date of my post the company CFX is about 18 months old…how long would you anticipate it would be before it falls over?…another 12 months?…maybe a little longer??……what is the average lifespan of companies of this nature??…

          • It all depends on the rate on people joining Gene-Paul but as of now, they seem to still be doing okay. I can’t say exactly how long this one will last but with a much lower payout percentage, I’m sure this will go longer than most. The average lifespan used to be just a couple of months, with the more popular ones lasting for about a year. With the slower payouts, I’m thinking they can go a lot longer.

      • Hey John,
        What if they are claiming that they are taking their profit on the winnings before paying it to us.? Would that not work?

        The main thing for me is I don’t know if these kind of high returns 1 to 1.5% per day / everyday is actually possible.

        I get the whole thing about MLM and network marketing and it’s a love it hate it kind of thing.

        But for me is, does the product / wins off FOREX trading actually work?

        • Paying members with such a precise method is only done through some software Leslie and winning in the world of trading doesn’t happen in such a robotic form.1.5% is actually a lot less than what other companies were paying, which is why others have disappeared a lot faster. Forex trading is a thing and it can work if you know what you’re doing but it is impossible to win every single time. If that were the real case, we would all be rich! Right?

      • That makes me curious. What do you get out of writing this…? *Honest inner child curiosity*

        I much appreciate this read as well as the dedication to commenting. My personal decision is not choosing to gamble for now without invalidating the purpose of playing games!
        Appreciate your way of giving perspective without attachment to any ones outcome. Sign of wisdom.

        May you and your family live well. You are an inspiring being.

        • I get the satisfaction of knowing others understand what it is they are putting their money into before they make any kind of investments. I too, was new at all this at one point, so I see it as a way of giving back. Oh, and I enjoy what I do, lol. I think that’s a great decision on your part but what do you plan on doing or what are you interested in doing?

    • Grant That was a big red flag for me – where is the money coming from? All my spidey senses were tingling a big “no thank-you”.

  7. Enjoyed your article and your conclusions are very valid.
    I have been burnt by similar set ups in the past. I have noticed many associates contacting me to go into this. None have done any independent research or used critical thinking to assess the validity of what they offer. I have checked the regulation of both cfx and everfx and they come up as poor and a big risk.
    I would love this to be a sure foot investment, but know how difficult it is to get returns from trading. You can increase your account one day and the market can mash you up the next.
    It seems to be a MLM company and using everyones deposits and packages to payout. As there are many days in forex when there just are not any trades to be had, even by the most skilled broker. I know some are making profits now and FOMO will entice more to join but the bigger it gets the quicker it will burst in my opinion.

    • Personal experience? This is not a toilet cleaner or a vacuum we are trying Okey. It’s a money-making opportunity that is no different than the hundreds of others that have come and gone over the years. Do you really think I can put in $1k to every single one of these types of sites? There is no “trying” of anything but rather understanding what they are about and how they work. Can it work? Sure. Will it flop? It sure is possible and usually what will happen eventually. It’s a very simple, yet complicated type of site that requires a little bit of knowledge to understand what it is that you are dealing with. I am sure that with this review though, you will get exactly that. Hope this helps Okey.

      • Thsnks for your input. One thing you need to undetstand is that it is a closed loop system as far as commissions. Thecost of buying the pack and the withdrawal charge all go back into the system to pay ALL the commissions. They could close the door to newcomers tomorrow and it would still pay the commissions.
        The Broker they use is EverFx. Award winning Broker. Sponsor of spanish football team.
        You re iee was quite balanced but you haven’t researched CashFx thoroughly enough.
        They don’t need to continue to bring in new people. That’s the beauty of it!
        There us also a good possibility of them closing the doors tonew people in the near future.
        Cashfx make a lot of money from the packs. They pay out a small percentage aand that is admitted. Better than a bank. Just buy your $300 pack. Let it double. Take out you money. Buy the same pack again, then your playing with house money!

        • Totally understand Kim, but I don’t need much research when it comes to the hundreds of sites that are exactly like CashFX. I’ve been involved with many and I know exactly how they work. And I always recommend the same strategy you mentioned for those who are still looking to join something like CashFX. At the end of the day, they are what they are and it’s all on the person on whether or not they are willing to take the risk. I’m guessing you’re in CashFX but are you in any others and have you tried anything else?

  8. Hi John,
    I appreciate you independent review on Cash FX. I see a lot of ‘reviews’ on YouTube even asking if it is a scam and most are Cash FX members.
    I think you were too soft on the review, maybe it is because of the legal implications for not calling it a Ponzi scheme as it should be called. You mentioned the so called ‘trading’ part of it, and as we know the trading is either non existent or insignificant to the overall revenues. It reminds me of the original Mr Ponzi and the non trading of stamps.
    The payment system is somewhat clever by not paying out too much so the Ponzi scheme can last longer and earn more for the owners and top leaders, and making it look as if it was money from real trading, but we know it is a front for the Ponzi scheme. They have no licence to trade and as you said, if the traders were really making that return on trading, they would keep putting in their own money instead of giving it to others.
    I don’t know why you didn’t actually NOT recommend this. It is a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme and should never be given any neutral review never mind a negative one.
    I am part of a genuine Network Marketing business with real beneficial value for money award winning products and are going 27 years because of the products and the real legitimate business where people are paid on product orders and not on recruitment money.

    • Glad we see things the same way Austin and I know I was too nice, lol. I’m trying to change things up a bit with my reviews but I think I might go back to the blunt, no BS way I used to do them in the past. It’s great to see you’re doing well Austin, but what network marketing company are you with?

      • I found your review great, I am currently with CFX and plan to get my money back as quick as I can to make it risk free, some of the things you mentioned as well i am so guilty of, I see it working and I told everyone because ot thought it was brilliant until people started asking me questions and I realised I know nothing about it, i have been looking into it recently and I have learnt more from your review than what I could find out myself so thank you for this.

        • Thank you Naomi for this. I am a potential new member from the USA, once it opens to us. And I haven’t done anything but research. This is the best platform I’ve found thus far. I wonder why it closed in the USA in the past?

    • And which business is that chief… John is sharing what is knows and openly tells that one gotta study and decide..some of these win some fail. It’s mostly a timing issue when at it.

      The 27 years one; what business is that?

  9. Thank you. Very informative. I have people trying to get me to join, I put it off for awhile now. Out of curiosity I joined yesterday. Invest first, then review…LOL I know that is backwards. Maybe why my investments do not work out so well:) Maybe you can review for some legit or close to it investments. It sounds like you what you are talking about:) Thanks again.

    • It’s not the worst decision man so don’t worry too much. Hopefully things keep rolling along so you can see some kind of profit. If not, I hope you at least break even. Cross your fingers…and your toes!

  10. I traded Forex for about 7 years using MT3 and then MT4 platforms on Oanda and Dukascopy sites and some others about 10 years ago. There was a group of us that swapped ideas using different technical signals (there’s so many, but we used a lot of them in several different scenarios). Some of the plans worked well…until they didn’t. Long story short is, after 7 years I wasn’t good enough or couldn’t commit the amount of time required to show consistent success. Bottom line is…if we had finally found the golden method to produce 1%/day returns, there is no way we would have shared this with anybody. We would have milked it as long as we could have until we made so much money that it got boring and then we would have spent our remaining years on the beach. I know there are smarter people than me making a living off of Forex (or any market for that matter), but it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of effort. And no one can consistently make 1% a day or better. Timing is everything, make what you can in Cash FX Group and just hope that you get out before it ends and you lose everything…hello there Bernie Madoff.

    • Hi Chims. I”m actually thinking of investing cashfx with the minimum of $300. Thanks for your comment.

      Btw, is there some way we can connect privately? I’ve invested to a different company. Want to know your opinion about the company. Thanks

      This goes to you too, Mr. John Cruz. Some way I can connect with you privately. I promise you guys, there will be no sales talk. Just your input. Thank you.

  11. What I would like to read on these kinds of reviews is what evidence or lack of evidence these comments are based on. For example I am invested in two sites which pay out similar amounts in daily interest. The trades they are making or have made in their daily trading period are shown as they are completed or as a list of trades made in the daily trading period. As the trades involve bitcoin they can be found on blockchain if you want to spend time looking for them. Showing proof of trade and profits is part of due diligence.

    • There are hundreds of sites exactly like this out there Andrew and there is no way I will put money into even half of them. They all have trading as their service and they all promise a return on your investment. I have joined many of these and I know exactly how they work. If I made money, does that mean they are trading? Because I know that you can really make money with sits like this.

      Now here’s the real question. Will someone really trade for you if they knew how to win even just 60% of their trades? Of course not. They would up the stakes and make more money for themselves. Trading is not an easy thing to do for yourself and there’s no way I would trade for someone else.

      Now whether or not you invest, is all on you my man. At least you know what you’re getting involved with. Whether you lose money or make money is something that will be determined with everything I just mentioned in this review. Just think about things for a second and you’ll see that this is clearly a recruiting based program, rather than a trading platform.

      At the end of the day, people are making money as of right now. Will it last? Will this replace your day job? Of course not. Now the decision is on you and at the very least, you know what to expect. Hope this helps Andrew!

      • Absolutely appreciate your review, John Cruz.
        To the open minded and sincere, it’s easy to arrive at a sensible decision.
        Keep up the good work, champ!

  12. Hi Cruz,

    You ‘ve said it all, I was about doing that ,in fact I just called the guy that made the adverts on Radio about investing. The guy really sweet talk me and I fell for it.

    Now the decision is for one to make.

    Please could yu show me the way to start making or earning money online ,genuine way please , I can’t scam people and I don’t want to be scammed as I am a Muslim.

    Thanks once more Cruz.

    • I personally got started with the affiliate marketing model and it still amounts for most of my income. It has nothing to do with recruiting but rather selling other people’s products. You simply pick an interest, build a site around that interest, and then promote/advertise products and services on your site.

      I will be creating my very own course soon but for now, there are many programs that teach this kind of stuff. If you are on a budget, I always recommend a site called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the most affordable and they even offer a free membership that allows you to test drive before you commit to anything. Also, I’m a member there and you can get personal help from me just for using my link. Of course, I will get a commission, which is exactly how affiliate marketing works.

      Besides that, you can always do some dropshipping or other e-commerce related businesses, but you will need a lot more money to get started. I hope this helps Ishola!

      • hi john really appreciate ur ur knowledge and honesty about cfx they r introducing copy trading open to all its members if they r not trading will this not expose them

        • I wouldn’t say it will expose them but it would sure show everyone the real odds of actual trading, which is sadly not going to make you rich by simply following someone else’s trades.

  13. Thank you so much John. I joined IM international and I’m about to jump to cfx. Thanks so much for your review. I lost my job to covid 19 and i have been trying to generate income having not earned salary for 5 months I’m getting desperate and i will never go and sign on. I’m convinced now that Mlm is not for me and my Christian ethic will not make me to recruit people cos I’m sceptical and dont want my loved ones to suffer. Pls advice me of legitimate schemes to make money. I’m ready to work it pls

  14. John, I love this”…Maybe, maybe not, but why would anyone want to share their strategies and/or profits with anyone if they were doing so well? No one is that generous, …”

  15. Thanks John C for the elaborate explanations.
    @Dan good to know you made $300, but how many folks have you recruited since joining 6 weeks ago?

    • the fellow claims he paid in 300$ and after 5 weeks hes got back $400 ? LOL talk about BS the plateform makes roughly 5% a week daily trading thats 15$ per week and they keep 20%
      SO if he really has got back $400 that means hes induced people to join and hence the payback which in reality is a MLM (aks ponzi) in my eyes and NO the $400 was not made from any stock trading platform

  16. Well done John I appreciate the effort you go to to help us not be lambs to he slaughter.
    Than you
    I look at many sites where reviews are conducted and so many are really promoting a particular offering. Very little due diligence is done by these so called reviewers and I guess they get some for of kickback for their shoddy promotional work under the guise of a review

    I cannot even have confidence in sites like trust pilot as its quite easy to see it is being taken over by some scam sites themselves with false reviews etc.

    John do you know of Bitcoin Systems ? A site promoted as legit by a reviewer but I doubt it from my initial contact with the front door guys .Get behind the front door and Bitcoin Systems is never mentioned again . Somehow it morphs into Stockscm which in turn uses other exchanges to shift or buy and sell cryptos etc .The trap is they will never settle for the so called minimum start pack but push hard for ever increasing deposits .

    One Company that is being promoted to me has similar methodology to cfx but my own review has it as very open and transparent and i can contact the owners by visitation or telephone.
    I have now committed to this coy but adopting the sane method of removing my initial investment as soon as i am able and let the rest ride out the wave.
    Keep up the good work John

    • Thanks, Umbrella but can you send me a link to Bitcoin Systems? I have never heard of them but I would like to look into it more.

      • Hi, I’ve been with CashFX for 9 month now and it’s a real legit company! Always say what they do and do what they say. They pay every Saturday no matte what. The platform is sustainable and this company will last for many many years.
        Trades can be followed live in the website.
        Everfx is the broker who trades and holds the money. This is a fully licensed award winning broker who exists for over 10 years.
        For me it has given me financial freedom!
        I can say CashFX has made my life much easier and more comfortable

        • Glad to see you’re doing well Guy. What does “financial freedom” mean though? Did you quit your job? Are you making $10k/month? Curious as to what you mean.

  17. Almost a year ago I joined CFx and while it was paying generously, I wasn’t paying much attention of it. Then I became interested with another high-yield income scheme of Bitcoin which collapse at the height of COVID pandemic lockdown here in US. But CFx during that time didn’t stop giving me earning and that’s how I started to focus and learn of the company. I’m just glad I became a member here in US before it stop recruiting. So hopefully, this company will last longer than what you have predicted.

  18. All I can say is, the company is obviously not regulated, its the first thing that comes to mind, however, as a family we have made over 50K in profit in over 4 months haha so there will obviously be two types of people — people who are too scared to potentially lose $300 so they never give it a go out of fear of things they can’t control — and then there are people like us who realise that you can SET ASIDE $300 and in return, make a significant amount of life changing money.

    For me, it’s the latter — and touch wood it continues — 99% of all my people that I have introduced this too have not only made their initial investment back, but they have also made a lot in profit during possibly the worst year in all our lifetimes.

    I am sure we have used $300 for something useless.

    End of the day bro, it all boils down to PERSPECTIVE.

  19. I totally under this post. I am a member of cfx for about 4 months now and everything is fine for now but keeping in mind that at any minute things can go sideways in this multi-level marketing business model. I think the review is more than fair and with anything when it comes to investing money try to stay neutral and know that things happen.

  20. What do you know about Tradera; what’s your opinion about their compensation program.
    There are some big winners but a lot of people are not going to reap the benefits.

    • Tradera is similar to CashFX but they have you paying for a membership to have things operate more like an MLM rather than just promoting it like a trading platform that everyone else does. At the end of the day, they are the same exact thing. They are all recruiting based and use the trading industry to produce some kind of product. I actually did a review on them as well, so you can check that out here if you want the full scoop.

  21. Thanks for your honest review John.

    I joined CashFX this week on the $300 pack. I’ll admit, I could have taken more time to research to ensure due diligence was covered, however I decided to join as I’m really hoping to generate passive income, and I really hope all the positive reviews I hear are accurate.

    At first I didn’t intend to ‘sell’ the concept to others, and instead thought I’d simply join and let CashFX manage the pack progression, although I am now keen to talk to others about it – I just need to understand it a little more and gain confidence that it is not all bad.

    I really hope this opportunity is legit, so I’m going to see how it goes.

    • It’s okay Joseph, I’m the same way. However, it seems like CashFX is still paying, so hopefully, you can make some money in return.

      • Hi John,

        Love your review, I have some questions about what you have written

        1) How long has cashFX been in existence you forgot to mention that
        2) If I do trading and have a million Dollars I earn at 5% 5 million, However, if I take small investments from a large group of people and make that 1 mil to 10 mil, and pay 1% I am actually earning the balance. Is it possible that Cashfx is doing something like that?
        The whole MLM business is like you explained unless they have a tangible product. Stocks or any format of trading even if they are registered are a risky business.

        Just trying to check what you think of it?


      • Given how many new members join each day (650) usually with a $300-500 package versus what their current daily payouts now given so many people have climbed the trade ladder $50K + . I’ts mathematically impossible they could still be paying out unless they were actually making money trading. CFX would have folded months ago if it was a ponzi paying out with new money. They dont require new recruitment to pay out comissions because everytime you upgrade or renew the contract the upline gets paid. Thus it doesn’t require the constant recruitment of new members to pay comissions.

      • Was Introduced to CFX by a friend, he gave me links to attend the online seminar, I did. Was enjoying all the ride, watch “Guests” like me win free packs and all.

        But as a trader myself, had loads of questions he couldn’t answer.

        1. How does the company earn from this?
        Yes they help you trade as the product they claim and teach you. But how does that equate to their own profits? It doesn’t add up!

        They make me money as we’re all told, but what’s their benefit? I trade too. Make more or less some says. Fight to keep my wins more than losses. That’s just me.

        2. Do they have a verifiable trade history we can peek into and see how “WELL” they’re doing TRADING?!

        there’s a web trade tv as they say, cut the crap, that’s a chart of trading pairs, can I see how my own funds on everfx is growing from my mt4 or whatever interface everfx is using so I understand oh yeah, it’s a copy trade system or whatever means?
        Don’t preach the web tv showing only charts I have lesser pings to from my Meta trader platform. Let’s see real proof this is happening and a reply to how they make money for themselves and all. Make it transparent. Don’t give us your EA lol if it exists, we own a couple ourselves and don’t need more!

        Outside of that, I still love the review and still holding back from joining because I believe all isn’t clear to bring in my connections if am not satisfied with the replies am getting.

        Love your review John.
        There’s money to be made but on whose expense?

  22. When CFX started they said they bought a $2m office and were in the process of fitting it out. A year has passed and … no office. The latest video said that Panama ports were closed due to Covid so materials for construction were delayed. The ports were never closed. They are still promising that an office opening is imminent. There is no office. Scam.

  23. The CFX forex traders have no experience trading forex. They are just normal people who are playing the role for CFX.

    Javier was a taxi driver in Curacao.

    Hildo sold timeshare.

    Here they both are when they sold MLM products together.

  24. John, schemes like this are illegal in the US and there are a few Americans involved in the establishment / marketing / promotion of CFX. Aren’t they scared of being prosecuted? Should they be?

    • As long as they aren’t operating within the US, they aren’t scared Rob. Back in the day when these things first came out, some have tried to do it while residing in the US and paid the price. So yeah, they’re not scared.

      • Hi John, just came across your review. Very concise.

        I am a member of CFX and I do have to say, I love it!!!

        I have a question….What are your views on IML, Tradera and Epic…? The last two are complete copies of IML…all of which, the last time i checked, are NOT registered with the FCA, SEC or any other financial authority…..but ALL operate directly out of the USA – IML – NY, EPIC – Vegas, and Tradera Atlanta.


  25. I’ve read you FX Review and particularly CashFX. What opportunities do you suggest now that I understand the knowledge level that you have and the programs that you don’t suggest?

    • I always recommend you start your own online business, Leonard. There are several things you can choose from and I have them down in my “Best ways to make money from home post“. Check that out and you can get some ideas.

    • It’s a big con requested withdrawal 2 months ago and still nothing stay away I have been robbed basically and don’t let anyone tell you different it’s a ponzi

  26. Every platform that’s uses Bitcoin as their currency in buying packages is running away from FCA Regulations since Bitcoins in not owned/Regulated by anyone. That is a big Red Flag. No one knows the volume of Trades placed with Everfx. Trading never guarantees constant gains everyday. Any bad publicity will cause panic which will collapse the system in no time. I have noticed that most Social Network platforms used are locked from free commenting, mostly managed by admins.

    • Yes, even if they have some differences here and there, the ultimate goal is always going to be the same with these types of sites.

  27. Hi there John
    I am so glad i came across this review. I think you are absolutely spot on, on your observations. What i like even more is that you don not say whether this is a scam or not, but rather provided enough information for individuals to make their own decisions. I love it…
    I was introduced to this company today, and i am here as part of my due diligence. Knowing what i know now, i might actually take my chances with the minimum $300. Yes it it is risky, but i suppose if i can enjoy some payments for a few months it will be great; obviously hoping that i still have a few months….:-)
    Thank you so much

  28. That was awesome and indeed very brilliant view and observation from John.

    The fact ultimately remains on individual who makes the final decision that may make or mar them.
    kudos John

  29. Hi John

    I am not sure why my comments about CFx is not posted here, yesterday?

    IMPORTANTLY, today I am very keen to know more about HYPER FUND by HYPERCAPITAL OF HYPER TECH..
    Ryan XU and Sam lee – Amazon and big other companies are exaggerating about Ryan XU and Sam Lee in the blockchain world?

    Are they at least 50% trustworthy to invest some of my money in to their business or fund please?

    Your usual honest review is important to me and my colleagues to make a decision please.

    Many thanks

  30. Thanks John for the review, I invested $300 can’t wait to cash out and run. Am very skeptical about the cfx thing. There is no verification of trades.

  31. Hello John Cruz can you look it up if this. Company are legit or scam?

  32. Hi John

    Thanks for this review. It is very balanced and leaves a person clear about whether or not they should invest.

    Wanted to find out if you possibly have another review on Cashfx “one year later”. It would be very insightful to get your opinion on them now.

      • Hi John I also look forward to your review “one year later”
        I invested in the $300 package 2 months ago and have not been requested to recruit anyone and I get the $10 every week without fail. Was considering getting my son to join but await your response.

  33. Hei hei.Oletame et teen sissemakse 1000 usd ja ei sentigi rohkem,Kuidas CFX saab mulle selle eest iga nädal kaks aastat järjest dividende maksta ja need dividendid lähevad iga kord suuremaks?Minu liige kelle värban maksab ka 1000 usd ja saab samuti dividende 2 aastat järjest , kõik saavad, kedagi ei jäeta vahele .Millise valemiga ????

  34. I think CashFX is a scam. People in the US are not able to upgrade. So if our account expires because we can’t upgrade wouldn’t it make sense to continue to trade our account and let us have our weekly gains.

    No, the account is shut down immediately, and the account holder stops getting any weekly gains. So what happens to our account I know that it’s still been traded. So who gets that BTC.

    This CasFx business is making the founders, CEOs, etc., very wealthy. Getting rich off other people’s backs. It is a scam and a Ponzi scheme and it’s going to come crashing down.

    A person’s account is traded every day but at the end of the week they can’t pay people their earnings, they have to wait for weeks sometimes six, eight, and even ten weeks. If that doesn’t tell anyone that this business is having problems then they are delusional.

    If CashFx is such a good business why not trade US customers account after it’s expired and give them their earnings. Why keep it. And don’t tell me that they just put our BTC to the side until the US gives them the green light to go ahead. So if it’s months or years before the US gives them the okay they will surely have made a huge bundle off of us.

  35. Hi John, thanks for such a logical review.

    I’ve been with cashfx group since March 2021 and as you’ve stated, you’re paid on a regular basis and the amount paid depends on the pack.

    I find myself on the fence, because on the one hand, I’ve always recieved the correct payments into my cfx account and you’re now able to use the funds generated on cfx to upgrade on the website.

    This is a lot easier and straight forward than the procedure we had before, where you would have to withdraw the funds into a bitcoin wallet and pay for the upgrade from there.

    I like that you recieve a 15% commission every time a member you have recruited has upgraded.

    Cashfx also claims that recruiting others is beneficial, but not required to recieve payments on the cfx account. Which again, I think is great and I have received payments regardless.

    However, I will admit, there was an issue with withdrawals a couple of months ago.

    I fully believe that their reasons for not allowing others to withdraw were not honest, and I fully believe that they rely on certain factors taking place to provide the money for withdrawals.

    Cashfx claims to currently have 400,000 members.

    I find it strange that with 400,000 members, there are only 4000 members on their telegram and only 25,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel, which usually only gets 1000 views per video or less.

    I also find it strange that with 400,000 members, there is not ONE popular success story on YouTube.

    They say that this is due to media manipulation and that the results are 50/50. However, this is not true. Because if that was the case, there would be just as many popular success stories on YouTube as the scam videos.

    I’m very aware that YouTube only trends certain opinions and topics, however, I know that an influencer with a decent following would get the views regardless.

    So, that’s where I’m at. I’ve seen the weekly payments come into my cfx account, but the numbers regarding the amount of members vs the lack of social media presence does not make sense.

    Can I please get your thoughts?

    • You have the right thoughts Ria and I don’t even know where to start (lol). I guess we can start with rumors that CFX hasn’t been paying for a couple of months. That “issue with withdrawals” usually comes when recruitment is low. Very typical and is bound to happen. This also scares its members and they end up withdrawing their money, causing even more chaos and “issues with payments”.

      Recruiting is not required because they don’t want to come off as a Ponzi scheme but offer 15% and “proof” of earnings and it only makes more sense to get others to join. This is very common practice with sites like this and it’s a no-brainer to share your link with others.

      As far as success stories, you’ll find them in Facebook groups and whatnot but it doesn’t usually go public because of the nature of this type of business. It’s not the easiest thing to promote something that you aren’t too sure about, especially when it seems “too good to be true”. But yeah, I’m sure they don’t want anyone putting this name out there, especially with members from the US.

      CFX may have lasted for a long time but that’s due to the way its payments are set up. With the comments coming in about payment issues, we shall see where things are next month.

      • It has been 7months I made a withdrawal request from cashfx and till now has not been credited …..I am on a 500USD package. I regret ever joining this ponzi scheme program and at the moment they have gone off the domain ….no member could access the site any more though they gave an excuse to fix it in few hours but all a lie. They sent the message to so called group leader ….I really pity those that invested hundred of thousands of USD

  36. I will say this…

    One of the better reviews I have read for both sides of the coin. The only thing I have an issue with is that people think that it’s just sharing the opportunity when in all honesty it’s recruiting. If you are not good at that, you better learn or your gains will be slow and low.

    I thank you for the review, as I came into so cash and wanted to find the best way to make more out of it. I did take a risk with another “business” that seemed a bit better and would like your point of view on that if you can. If not in another review or personally, that would be greatly appreciated.

    I will not go with Cash FX as I have learned that some people don’t even know who is running the show there…not to mention Justin Halladay has now left the US to live in Panama for some reason.

    Anyway, if you could find out some info on HYPERVERSE, that would be great!.

    To all that are investing smart, keep doing it. Don’t bash a man who is trying to give a fair and honest opinion on things. He never said one bad thing about the venture and told you to make the choice on your own.

  37. Hi John

    I am aware that you have received my email in response to Hyperverse and yes maybe this is not the platform to answer on that.
    Please send me your email address so I can send you more information so that you can know whether this is something to associate with not.

    I have a lot to send and latest on Dubai Crypto Expo including agreements with Monash,CSIRO Australia etc.


    Tony Mahalefa
    +27 79 139 0529

  38. I have Just joined Cash FX with an English team I am very keen to learn more about it There zoom meetings are not feasible for me due to the time difference Is Anyone else here from OZ I Joined last week with the $300 pack have earned a small commission to date

  39. “Will it last? Nope.”
    Well John 3 years later, MasterCard coming on board so we have easier access to our money
    and a British Billionaire coming on board. 340,000 members globally and growing.
    A Head Quarters you can visit and people have done so.
    Interestingly enough since the pandemic companies and individuals alike have started inviting people to join them in passively investing and giving out a fixed percentage .
    The financial institutions have been raking it in behind our backs for decades.
    So to infer that CFX can’t do the same and share it out is ludicrous.
    There are those out there. The Firm, The System, The boys Club?
    Whatever they are called will do anything to stop wealth reaching the masses.
    Yes there are scam schemes out there. But not everything is a scam.
    Very clever “review”. But the fact remains CFX are using the exact same system and processes the global financial institutions have been using for well over a hundred years.
    The difference is now the money men don’t like it and will use every underhand trick in the book to hinder or stop the wealth transfer but they cannot because the people have woken up.
    The actions of the East India Company are a great example of a company with more power than the monarchy at the time who seized control over nations through money and powerful trading connections.
    Anyone who stood in their way disappeared.
    No different today as the French secretly kill any any leaders who rise up in their colonised nations who argue that payment to them must stop.
    Maybe your efforts in writing this “review” is to slow down the inevitable. But time is already causing people to ask if it is a scam and unsustainable then why the HQ, why are billionaires coming on board, why is MasterCard on board.

    • Wow, Gerald, you have way too much time on your hands. I’m not sure if I have the time to read what you have to say, as I’m sure it’s the same as every other CFX member. I do want to know why you guys think I’m against CFX? I think I did a great job at not calling them out for what they really are, so appreciate how nice I was (lol).

  40. Hi John, I think you should do joiner to this review. Cash FX seem to under sea. They are not paying for withdrawals made 9 months now. I think your theory about no new customer now pay is right. Seek external opinions and write

    • Thanks for the update Eros. I only know how these types of sites work because I used them in the past. They’re not new and to me, it’s obvious how things work. I only try to help, so people can either listen or argue because they already made the investment.

  41. Seriously- anyone withdraw any money recently ? No payouts in over 12 months , it’s done , it’s a ponzi and it’s done – EverFx deny all knowledge or affiliations to CashFx- a taxi driver and a fraudster – every excuse from payments processors , to phase 2, to “Mastercard” seriously ????Mastercard getting involved in this ????.Just because you see figures on a screen increasing every week, go try take it out????

  42. Nobody has received a payment now for 18 months on CFX. May be even closer to 2 yrs. When I joined I started at 2k and was able to withdraw a couple times adding to half of investment. So then my trust was built. So I added another 7k to build up faster. Then we were no longer to recruit people in Canada. I have been waiting since Aug 2021 for withdrawals . Prob never see any of the 8 grand US I have in this . Even tho they keep showing that we are making some money.

    • Sorry to hear about that, Mike. If only you read this review earlier, you would’ve known what to expect. That’s how it is though, so sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on. What are you into these days?

  43. This is the first time I have tapped into this information high way and I like to thankyou John for your Posts and replies around Cash FX I have been in Cash FX for a time and still remain with them.
    I am impressed with your balanced posts and knowledge around this trading Platform.
    Thankyou for the invaluable insights.

      • Nope. No payouts in over 12 months. Anybody still hyping cashfx on your page is a diehard trying to recruit new members so that there’s income.

        • You’re right Fech. There are still others out there trying to promote CashFX just so they can get them to pay again. I know it’s tough to swallow a loss in the world of making money online, but it’s always best to do your research before joining any money-making opportunity. What are you into these days Fech?


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