Amazing Selling Machine Review: Does it Really Work?

By Y Guy

Before we get started with this Amazing Selling Machine review, let’s make a couple of things clear.

I don’t want to waste any of your time and I’m sure you don’t want to waste any of it either.

Then again, you probably could not care less about what I think.

But, I think you would find it to be.

So before you go reading any further or making any kinds of investments, let me break down what you can expect if you were to join something like Amazing Selling Machine:

  1. Amazing Selling Machine is not a get rich quick type of program although you can make money faster than most businesses.
  2. This is a legit business that requires an investment of time and money.
  3. Your success will be determined by the amount of work you put in.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s go further with this Amazing Selling Machine review.

Amazing Selling Machine Review – Product Overview

Amazing Selling Machine $2997


Amazing Selling Machine is one of the best online platforms/courses on the internet and for many reasons at that.



  • Its content is updated frequently
  • Comprehensive training
  • Offers an in-house affiliate program
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not for everyone
  • High price compared to other alternatives

They are legit and will show you how to build a real online business by capitalizing on the retail giant that Amazon is.

If you are looking to quit that 9-5, start a home-based business, or live life on your own terms, Amazing Selling Machine is one of the few that can do exactly that.

And no, I’m not just saying that and I will show you in the rest of this ASM review.

What is Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine Review: Does it Really Work? 3

Amazing Selling Machine is an online course that will teach you how to create and master the Fulfillment By Amazon business model.

It was created by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark in 2012.

They are both experts in the e-commerce industry and successful entrepreneurs with many years of experience.

Additionally, they have helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs launch their Amazon businesses and scale them through their online training programs.

The training is about how to create your own private label and sell your branded products on Amazon.

Who This is For?

ASM is intended to be a comprehensive course that teaches everything you need to know about selling physical products on Amazon.

I would love to say that Amazing Selling Machine is for everyone but that’s just stupid.

That’s like saying Ballet is for everyone.

When you make this type of investment, your first responsibility is commitment.

Success requires effort, time and dedication.

And these courses are no exception.

On the other hand, if you are a person on a tight budget, this would not be a good choice for you.

When you establish an FBA business, you require a large investment in both inventory and marketing.

For this reason, people with a limited budget will find it difficult to finance their business and therefore have good results.

Additionally, the program is not intended for risk-averse individuals.

Like other business ventures, FBA business involves some risk.

Risk-averse investors may not be comfortable with the challenges and uncertainties associated with this type of business.

So if you pass all these checkmarks, you may be a good candidate for Amazing Selling Machine.

Breaking Down ASM

Amazing Selling Machine has the following structure (taken from their sales page):

  • 8 Easy-To-Follow Training Modules
  • 120+ Training Lessons
  • 20+ Hours of Proven Amazon FBA Content
  • Exclusive ASM Software Tools
  • Private Resource Vault
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades
  • Private Members Only ASM Community

As you can see, they offer a lot of content for you to learn.

From finding the first winning product and ordering inventory, setting up the business (including branding), to launching, improving rankings and scaling sales; these are the different topics that you will find in their training.

That is from a learning point of view, but when it comes to software that helps you in the day-to-day process, they give you access to different tools such as:

  • Zoof: Chrome browser plugin to find the BEST products in seconds.
  • Product Analyzer: Automatically perform in-depth market analysis on all your product opportunities.
  • Perfect Keyword: Find hidden opportunities that have high sales and low competition with the click of a button.

Now you’ll say, my God, all that is going to cost me a fortune.

We will see that below.

How much does Amazing Selling Machine cost?

At the time of writing, the price of the Amazing Selling Machine is $2,997, which reflects a 40% discount from its regular price.

For that price, you’ll get full access to the latest version of the course.

Keep in mind that you will also need some money to purchase inventory or create your product before you can start selling.

The training recommends that you budget $2,000 for inventory and spend no more than $5,000 here when starting out.

We did some research, found some testimonials from ASM students and they say they spend an average of $3000 on inventory.

But it all depends on each person’s budget and, of course, the type of products they want to sell.

Amazing Selling Machine Review – Conclusion

Amazing Selling Machine is a great resource for all aspiring Amazon sellers.

It offers valuable resources, instructions, and community support to help every new Amazon seller build a thriving business in no time.

Before purchasing the course, you should consider your dedication to learning, your budget, and your willingness to invest your resources and time in creating an Amazon FBA business.

Amazing Selling Machine is ideal for motivated people who want to succeed.

Are you really one of them?

Do you think you can put in the time and hard work it takes to be successful in this business?

If the answer is yes, then I recommend you give it a try.

Remember that Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world, so they have done the hard part by having millions of users purchasing products on their platform.

Now you just need to be creative and follow what others have done to be successful.

Also keep in mind that Amazon FBA is a marketplace that is already super saturated.

Maybe you are one of those who likes to explore new and disruptive ideas, then I recommend you look into Blue Ocean Strategy.

I hope this Amazing Selling Machine review has been useful to you.

Do you have any other courses/trainings on this topic that you would like to share with this community?

If so, please add it to the comments section below.

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